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Check your recertification


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A friendly reminder to you ROs who recently recertified...

Log back in to USPSA, go to Member Support, and click on your Personal Profile to make sure that the website still thinks that you are certified for another year. I took and passed the test with a 100% score last Wednesday/Thursday. When the USPSA site came back up again today, I logged back in and was dismayed to discover that it thinks I've not taken the exam. :-(

I've sent email to USPSA to let them know of the situation, and they said they are looking into it. Hopefully the reshoot gods look on favorably if the folks at USPSA can't fix it.

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I did my exam last night. I left one question blank, did a submit, and it popped up with the error message.....

So I put in a number and I still could not submit the exam for grading.

I will call them today.

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