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Clark Custom Carbon Fiber Tube and adding RTS sights


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I'll start off by saying that this endeavor will either end up being a complete win or a complete disaster.

Here is a link to the thread on www.Texasguntalk.com. Adding rail to Clark Custom Tube

I built a dedicated multi gun rifle last year with a carbon fiber tube. I used an acog as the weapon sight which is great for 30 yard plus shots but sucks for close in work.

To remedy this, I started with these Offset sights:


These have very course sights and a very short sightbase. It makes a headshot almost impossible at any distance.

I decided to replace version 1 with Barry Dueck's Rapid Transition sights:


The problem with this Offest sight set up is that I went with a clark customs Carbon fiber free float tube to save weight. 6oz including barrel nut. howevever, the Clark tube nopt only does not have a forward rail section, it has no provision for mounting one.

I decided that I could add a section of rail to the front top of this tube.


The Magpul MOE short Rail section was cheap, polymer and readily avilable locally. i.e. If I screwed up it would be easy to replace and cheap!

The first step was removing material from the back of the rail section to get it level with the rail on the upper receiver:


Once the material was removed, we leveled the upper receiver and then found center on the tube:


Once center was located, we tapped the tube and installed the bolts and backers.


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I don't have a Clark CF handgaurd, but I had to the same issue you have with the RTS, with Carbonarms/Techwear CF handguard. Solution, I took a 3" JP top end rail section and just JB weld it on the front end. Just remember to Measure Twice glue once.

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Continuing onward:

We test fitted the rail section:


The milling process removed a lot material. Infact, the step that the bolts catch on and held the rail to the tube was milled away. Therefore, the bolts were used to center the rail section.


The area was them masked off in preperation for the epoxy:

JB Weld should bond the magpul plastic to the carbon fiber without any issues.



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The Dueck Defense RTS sights arrived today. Ordered 5-8 and arrived from CA 5-11, installed and bore sighted . . . . 5-11.

Installed on the 3 Gun Match rifle:






I laser boresighted the sights to ensure that I had the rail installed close enough to center to allow the sights to zero.

I beleive that I accomplished this as the front sight isn't screwed ALL the way out or down and the Rear sight isn't moved to its left or right limits.

With ACOG Mounted:


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You could probably make a few bucks selling the pre-milled magpul pieces and backers...not everyone has access to a mill or the ability...Good Job.

Thenks. It will be interesting to see how they work out on the Zero Range.

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I'm planning on doing something similar with a free piece of Magpul rail I acquired and a discounted angled foregrip. I'd rather not go with the epoxy though so my mod isn't so permanent. Did you find the epoxy to be a requirement for this project to keep the rail section sturdy or will the screws be enough?

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