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class action suits


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we all get notified from time to time about some class action we're a part of. you know, the ones you forgot about and if you do file a claim, it's for $.40. well i just got one today that is ridiculous.

without naming the company, the reason for the suit was that i may have called their customer service a few years ago and in the call, was not notified the call was being monitored or recorded. gimme a break. who cares. IAC, the lawyers are scum. the company agreed to fork over...get this...$9,450,000 as part of the settlement.

i'm sure i'll see my dime in ten years after the legal folks have filled their wallets.

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Not a fan except in very limited situations. FWIW the Supreme Court just ruled that if the parties involved have an arbitration agreement (think credit cards, mortgages, car loans etc) that the defendant can opt out of class action status and require plaintiffs to individually file for arbitration. That ruling is a game changer.

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