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Possibly a new shotgun you haven't seen?


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Just as a heads up. I saw this gun a few years ago from shotshow pictures and was pretty interested back then and it looks like you are finally able to buy one. It has a detachable 16 round magazine (think revolving tubes a la X-rail) and handles similar to the AR-15. I don't know if the high price tag is worth it (about $2400.00) instead of a saiga-12 or full blown comp Benelli M2 but it might be another option.

Because I can't link just put http:// infront of this srmarms.com/store/pc/home.asp



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I saw it at SHOT Show a couple years ago.

It has better applications for Mil/LE use than for our game. The tubes on the rotating assembly hold 4 rounds each, you must manually index to the next tube by hitting a release and rotating the assembly.

This would be a useful feature for LE use (immediate selecting slug or buck when grabbing it out of the car), or Mil use with those mini 12 gauge frag grenades (don't want to shoot those close than 25 meters IIRC). For our game I think it would become tedious rotating the tube by hand every 4 rounds.

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I just advised them to take a look at the FNH PS90 magazine which holds the rounds 90-degrees to the bore axis and then rotates them into alignment with the bolt via a special round ramp.

If they borrowed the idea, they could conceivably create 20 to 25 round magazines that can feed all the rounds in one go, without any manual intervention.

They'll have to deal with the rims on the shotshells, something which the 5.7 round doesn't have, but I'm confident they can do it with clever design of internal guides/channels to keep the shotshells feeding into the ramp properly. If Butler Creek can design a .22LR speed loader that can automatically align a long row of rimfire cartridges, they can do the same with shotshells.

Imagine this shotgun in open class where you can burn off an entire stage in one magazine? Forget stage planning and ammo management. It's shoot-em-as-you-see-em!

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