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  1. My last Efile Form 1 took 16 business days! The SBR I did on paper took over 8 months. I built a 8” on a QC10 and in March finished an MP5A3 clone with 8.6” barrel. The Mp5 shoots much softer and is easier to control but trigger travel is longer and harder to shoot fast splits on in your face targets.
  2. I found them at the Ben Stoger Pro Shop online. It’s just a bumper, no round increase but with the price of HK mags I thought they were worth protecting. 3D printed with a rubbery plastic, they fit very tightly. Only $4.95 each. Doug
  3. My name is Doug and I’m a trigger slapper. That said, the 9ct trigger is sprongy but not heavy. The takeup is long but light and the break is predictable. If I try to hold the trigger back after the shot I often end up doubling. It’s not like a JP trigger but so what, it’s completely usable and fun to shoot. Doug
  4. I just sold a GMR-13 to buy a PTR 9ct MP5 clone. I have a couple of AR-15 SBRs, including a QC10 9mm but the MP5 is an iconic gun that begs to be shot in PCC matches. An MP5 has some disadvantages but like shooting single stack that is part of the fun. I’m shooting the PTR in non USPSA PCC matches now and when my Form 1 comes back I’ll shoot it in USPSA matches. Doug
  5. Go for it! If you know your dope and your gun you’ll probably never finish below 50%. Gas guns have advantages over bolts guns in some types of long range competitions. Doug
  6. I've used the FastFire 2 and 3, Cmore Slideride & STS, Aimpoint H1 & PRO, JP Jpoint, Trijicon RMR 06 and TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm (looks the same as the Holosun HS403b). Jpoint was the only one that ever broke for me and after only one session on a Glock 34. FastFire 2s had some problems with the tiny screws falling out but were replaced quickly, only problem being that I needed to have 2 in rotation at all times with one on the gun and one heading back to be replaced. Any of them will work, I prefer the Aimpoint H1 because it is small but it's too pricey for me to buy for a fun gun. The Aimpoint Pro is a good deal and I don't notice the scope body because I shoot with both eyes open. My new 9mm SBR has the TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm red dot on it and it functions perfectly, is the size of the H1 and was under $150. If it holds up it will be the best deal for the money. I have it on an absolute co-witness mount which I had to buy because I felt the included 1/3 co-witness mount was too high. Doug
  7. My brand new JP 9mm doubled and tripled several times on it's first trip to the range. I swapped out the JP trigger springs for a mil spec set and it works fine. Trigger is a little bit heavier but it never doubles and breaks like glass. Doug
  8. Wrong form, you mean 5320.20. Doug https://www.atf.gov/file/4781/download
  9. Calibration of spinners, as in a procedure similar to Poppers in USPSA, is not going to happen, but then it won't be happening for long range swingers, self-setters or Texas Stars either. Doug
  10. The major problem I saw several years ago on Stage 7 at Ironman was the slugs were loosening up the bolts pretty often. You could tell when the bolts had come loose because the spinner would not react as quickly or as crisply as normal. I had DQed earlier in the match and helped RO Stage 7 as my punishment. I tightened the bolts on that spinner many times and even broke my pinky when I let the tools slip off. Despite the fact that I broke a finger on one, I like spinner targets and have shot them in matches with pistol, shotgun and rifle. As long as the ROs keep an eye on them they are an interesting target that requires attention, patience and knowledge of your equipment. Doug
  11. That store is going to have a bit of a reduced selection! Oh my gosh, you're right, the safety got left off this one! But if you knock $150 off the price I'll take it off your hands and get it fixed myself so you don't have to send it back to Glock. Doug
  12. It's the only way I can keep up with the hot shots! Load fast, shoot slow. Doug
  13. Open with mag, Robert Wright,load 12 in 1.42 sec., Me 2.17 sec. Doug
  14. Cool. Thanks. I'm glad thats fixed, I felt like a hog with 2 numbers, plus I like 79. Doug
  15. Yup if it weren't for him we would all be shooting revolvers Or Mausers.
  16. When your dealer calls you and tells you that the Bushmaster rifle that you won at the DPMS match arrived today! Doug
  17. Just got my SS "B" card in the mail, looks like I'm movin' up! Doug H. SSEC Member #79 & 86?
  18. The reason I cut off the rib was because I felt like it was blocking my vision to the left and right of the sights. I feel like I can transition faster now because I can see more. Doug
  19. The day I got the gun I took the dremel to the feed area and went nuts. My wife saw what I was doing and had a fit! "It's a brand new gun! What are you doing!" I load strong hand and can shove the shells in at almost any angle and they pop right in. Then I cut off that crazy cantilever rail. It serves no purpose if you are not shooting open, and if you are shooting open you're using the wrong gun! (Get a Saiga!) Put on some gun black that I picked up on a prize table, (along with some shock buffs and a hat) and it looks pretty good. Doug
  20. Thank You! I will attempt to maintain an accepable level of Snobbery. Since I use bifocals my nose is already fairly high when I'm shooting. Doug
  21. Doug H.

    Which one?

    Timex, then spend the rest of the money on guns Snakes as pets or not? I met a girl in Texas that had a pet snake, she was different! Furry or Shaved? Doug
  22. Hello JMB Enthusiasts! I would like to apply for membership in your elite organization. My first 1911 was a 70 Series Colt Gold Cup that I bought from a fellow police officer. At the time we were all wheel gun shooters. I used it in 1977 at a Police Firearms Instructors Class taught by Bob Marble of the FBI. After drawing and firing a few strings at 15 yards as fast as I could, the assistant Instructor asked if I could hold off on the trigger a little longer as my first shot was hitting the ground about 10 feet in front of me! Big difference between a Colt Trooper and a Gold Cup. After a long hiatus from 1911s, I just had a custom gun built in .40 by John Larson in Seattle. My new baby is built on a Stainless Caspian Frame with a Steel slide that is going out for IonBond this week. It has all the bells and whistles and shoots like a dream. I'm going to concentrate on Single Stack this year except when I'm shooting 3 gun. After 4 matches in less than 2 months I am now officially a C class Single Stack shooter. I just missed B class and I'm in the top ten in C class. I have enjoyed learning to break down a stage and it is making me a more carefull and methodical shooter. No more hosing, no more make up shots. Do it right the first time or do a standing reload. Attached are my photos and my classification info from USPSA. Your Humble Servant, Doug Hartley TY-55079 SS_Lookup.doc
  23. Here is a new Single Stack in .40 that I had John Larsen from JPL Precision build for me. Stainless frame, carbon steel slide, KKM barrel with the ramp angle recut so it will handle any length ammo from .40 or 10MM mags. SV trigger, Ed Brown safetys. Shot my first match in Single Stack today, feels funny to reload so much but it was lots of fun. Doug
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