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Disassembly X-Five Allround


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There is a DVD out done by Chris Orndorf I beleive is his name. I have it but I am at work, I think Brownells sells it. If not I got it from the sig forum website. It goes into the assembly and disassembly of the classic series of pistols. I highly reccommend you get it if you are going to detail strip a sig pistol.

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Get the Orndorf Sig DVD for the 226, the X-5 has a few more parts but you can figure out where the extra pieces go. I did with my X-5. The hardest thing is getting that block the barrel sits on back in the frame correctly. It's got to be just like the DVD says!!!

Could you please send someone a link to disassembly (and assembly) process Sig 226 X-Five Allround ? I've never seen so many springs :))))) My previous guns was G17 and STI Edge...

THX Jakub

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