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200 gr Montana Gold CMJ

Ken S.

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I went through this recently in .45 ACP. One thing I discovered is (in .45 ACP at least) the XTP is a longer bullet than the MG jacket flat point I was loading. I have both here and measured them. The MG 200 gr JFP is .540 and the XTP is .568. This means I would seat the MG .028 deeper than the book called for in order to get the same sized combustion chamber as the book expects for it's load data. Loading longer will decrease the pressure and reduce muzzle velocity. Don't know how the CMJ compares.

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A shoot a 200 gr moly bullet with 4 gr of n320. 1.175" OAL. Around 169 pf out of 6" storm lake barrel.

Jacketed will use a bit more powder, but as always start low and work your way up.

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