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Need of a gunsmith New York / New England


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What are your needs?

I have run @ 7000-10,000 round through a 1911 single stacker, S&W 45 acp, havent shot it in 2 seasons and before I start (limited 10/ CDP) having problems on the range I am looking for a complete reliability and spring change out. check firepin, extractor the works. I want to change its sights to fiber optic with an adjustable rear, front grip strap checkering, and its S&A mag well beveled to match the grips, then some reblueing.

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There are a couple smiths here in MA - feel free to PM me if you want their info.

I'd suggest doing a search here (BE) and shipping your pistol to a highly recommended smith that will do the work your looking for.

For new pistols and rebarrels I've been happy with both Kevin Toothman (USSA) and Derek Janowicz (Millennium Custom).

Good Luck.

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