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G17 Gen4 for IDPA?


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I currently have a G17 RTF2 that I use for IDPA. I like the grip texture, but the grip size is kind of large. I have to adjust by grip to hit the mag release and the slide release. (both are extended) I assume it is not a huge deal to have to adjust your grip, but I would prefer not to. Sometimes when I regrip, I notice my grip is not exactly correct.

I am considering a G17 Gen4, but I do have some concerns. It sounds like there are more problems with the Gen4, compared to the Gen3.

With the newer 02 spring, are there still problems with the Gen4? I mainly used Blazer 115gr Brass and Aluminum. I believe the power factor is 131. I am use to the proven Glock reliability, so I know I would be frustrated if I had issues with the Gen4.

Does Jager make a guide rod yet for the Gen4, that is legal for SSP IDPA?

Any feedback on users of the Gen4 for IDPA would be appreciated?

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I do not have a Gen 4 - yet. A friend does and finds full reliability with factory full power ammo, but not with PF <130.

If you change the guide rod to a metal or non captured guide rod you will shoot ESP - not that there is anything wrong with that - it is a very competitive division.

The Gen 4 bobbles are being fixed quickly if not already.

My accuracy and speed increased when I went ahead and had a grip reduction on my G34 and just manned up to shoot ESP with the hot shots.

Best of luck and good shooting.

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Run down to the IDPA section of this Forum. There may be some of this already. Duane Thomas is very knowledgable on IDPA and Glock.

I think most people have to change their grip a bit when hitting the mag release and the slide stop lever.

Good Luck!

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