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Hello to all , and thanks in advance for all the help and input. I went gun shopping today for a ccw . Mostly interested in a small revolver. After fondling { you guys know how it is :D } and dry firing some of them , there was a significant difference in the strength, and crispness of the trigger springs between different brands. I know one can do a trigger job on big revolvers, does the same apply to small pocket pistols as well? Does anyone know of a smith who will work on the small pistols? Thanks again TF

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Chances are if the gun is really small the mainspring is a spring with coils. They are a PITA to get a trigger light on.

In case you try to lighten it yourself, don’t bother cutting coils because then you lose reliability. I’m pretty sure Wolff sells reduced power mainsprings for the "pocket revos." Get five or ten of the same weight, chuck them in a drill and get some sand paper or something to turn down the diameter. Thus making them even more reduced power. That’s what I did, the trigger is still pretty heavy (it’s a 22...) but much better than stock...

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