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Pistol grip vs straight conventional stock for 3 gun


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Here is another question I would like to get some advise on.

WHich do you all prefer, straight conventional stock vs pistol grip. I have no experience with pistol grip shotguns, I hsot one yesterday and it "seemed" to be more difficult to reload, but I have experience with one. Is the pistol grip more effective in control, enhanced movement and do you jsut increase reloading speed with practice? Of course yes, on the practice but is the pistol grip measurably more effective?


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Man, you stumped me :huh:

I really don't know, I have more time on a conventional stock, but I have a pistol grip on my "hanging on the wall 870" and like it just fine. It seems you could support a pistol grip better, but again I'm not sure about 3 gunin.

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I think the biggest benefit of the PG stock is recoil reduction, since you're spreading it out. Sharing it between your shoulder and hand.

It may aid in weak hand reloading for some people making it easier to hold the gun up with one hand. It can be in the way, or seem more clumsy in turning the gun over to strong hand load.

I own one PG stocked shotgun, I bought it simply because I'd never owned a PG stocked shotgun. :rolleyes: I'm looking towards replacing the stock, for no good reason other than to try something else, and to have it fit in a safe better. :D

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Personal choice.

I've always run a PG on my shotguns. To me it allows me to control the shotgun better than a standard stock. I pull in my shotgun to reload. With the PG the shotgun is easier to hold up while reloading. I load weakhand.

If you don't have the stock sized correctly to your body/arms a PG stock may actually accentuate the recoil. Before I lengthened the stock a little on my M2 the recoil hit my hand real bad.

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