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Referring my 3rd person to USPSA in as many years


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So far I've taken a ton of people to matches and introduced them. Of those people, I referred my third person last weekend, who shot a classifier match and when the classifiers run this month, will be the Single Stack division's newest classified shooter.

Everyone says universities are places to find people who hate guns. I haven't found too many haters, but I sure have found a bunch of eager people who want to shoot, and I'm going to keep introducing people to the sport until I can't anymore.

Many new shooters I've tried to introduce aren't competitive and so they don't come to matches, and that's fine, too. But what do I really like? Introducing new shooters to our game and culture. The newest one couldn't believe how nice and helpful the other shooters were, especially the range officers.

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I have yet to have anybody come at me as a "gun hater"...and I mention our stuff quite often. Some aren't very familiar with the culture...and some find it fascinating.

I used to be reluctant to talk about our sport because I thought people would be dismissive or not understand.

Now I'm reluctant to talk about it because I don't have enough ammo to get them all started!

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