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It seems that it is appropriate on the forum to introduce myself, so here we go. It’ll be short because I’m a pretty simple guy. I’ll start off by saying that although I have been shooting for most of my life, I surely don’t have it figured out. I am looking forward to gaining a vast knowledge from the other members of this forum. Just taking a quick look around it is evident that there is great deal of knowledge here.

I’ll also tell you all that I am by no means a competition shooter. I have shot a few competitions but only small local stuff, just to get my feet wet. My roots are in the tactical end of things, probably due to my career. I have taken several courses but mainly long range sniper schools and entry tactics. I have made it my project to become a better pistol shooter so I am looking forward to getting some good insight and different ideas.

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Welcome to the Forums. We are not geared at all to the Tactical end of things but if you want to do any of the gun games you are certainly in the right place and will be made welcome... :cheers:

This is true but there is no such thing as waisted trigger time in my opinion. :D

Welcome to the forum.

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