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  1. Is it acceptable to use a red dot...or must this be iron sights? Can it be shot with 22 Ruger with optic? Any penalty for using such crutches? thanks
  2. Disregard Larry...I accidently shut off messenger when my 2 year old jumped on my Ipad screen. Got it resolved and turned it back on. Thanks, G

  3. Disregard Kyle...I turned it off by accident...just turned messaging back on. Thanks...G

  4. Hi Larry, Panic Flinch here from Enos. My account seems to have been restricted from sending/received messages. I have read all the rules and do not know why this has occured. I would be grateful for any assistance. I have been on for 3 years and have over 100 meaningful posts...no one liners. I'm currently trying to sell a Brazos Pro SX...and believe I have met the requirements... Folks are asking questions...now I have no ability to answer. I would be grateful if you could assist....

  5. Hi Kyle...I know you are busy...please forgive me. My message system has been shut down. I have been a member for over 3 years and have zero BS posts. I must have done something to get blocked. I would be grateful for your assistance/explanation so that I can remedy the situation. In the classifieds a gentleman wishes to purchase a Brazos 40 cal from me and now I can not communicate....heeelllp!

  6. I have worked with several of the same firearms instructors for over 15 years. While I still love to shoot and have a healthy respect for firearms… This is not the case with some of my coworkers. Here is the analogy. Amusement parks are fun, right? It would be terrific to work there, right? Well, at my last trip to Kings Dominion, I could see the look of death and boredom on many of the faces of the people who work there. Unfortunately many of my coworkers have the same look on their faces. I know it's hard to believe… But yes it can even happen at a gun range! When I began working as a fire
  7. I can easily catch rounds from every weapon I own. I wont do it though. At competitions this seems to be a point of contention, and I stay away from it. I will not partake in any activity that can get me DQd or put into an heated discussion with an RO or range staff. Simply not worth it. There are many things that you can do at a match that have nothing to do with shooting ability that can advance your position. Figuring out all the minefields and pitfalls of a competition COMBINED with shooting well will put you high up on the list. Avoid all those small things that can trip you up and get
  8. I do not believe the folks who eject a round in the air and catch it are "showboating".....they are simply saving their round from becoming contaminated in the dirt, as well as the convenience of not having to bend over and look for it on the ground. Everyone I have seen do this maintains proper muzzle discipline and shows a proper clear after the 1/2 a second it took to secure the round. I'm sure some folks who try to do this are performing a task outside of their ability...and then become unsafe...there is always someone in the crowd. But "showboating".....naahh....just the shortest distanc
  9. I'm from Alaska...but drive a Lexus LX470 (Land Cruiser)......will bite the head off a live fish....but also weigh my charges on a Sartorius lab scale to 1/1000 of a grain....sooo...not sure where I fit in. I can be seen wearing Carharts and a Cartier. I repair pocket watches....but can also pull a transmission. I'm starting to realize.... I'm all messed up...ha ha. Mostly geek I guess... .02
  10. Well..I jsut realized I did not answer the question. Faster. Hmmm... Take the pistol you are attempting to bond with....along with a TON of ammo. Yes...I mean 2000 pounds. Go to the range with the simple goal of firing the weapon as fast as you can. You will find that after around 3 or 4 mags, your forearm and muscles related to pulling the trigger start to become fatigued. Your times will start to slow. Take a break...let the gun cool down, muscles recharge and do it again. Definately use a timer to check your splits. You can even do this close to the backstop (very close to be safe)
  11. I hate to say it.....but individual motor skills apply here. Some people are just ninja fast...others just don't have the dexterity and motor skills. Its not fair...but its just life. Yes practice helps...but some people simply have a natural advantage. There are thousands of hand eye coordination games you can play...and you have seen those people that are lightning fast. And they leave you thinking..."But I have practiced that WAY more than they have...how come they are still faster"? If you want to stay satisfied...always try to beat your own personal best. Race yourself...then when
  12. Nice reloading bench....Wish I could see it a little better...up close...but it is definately fascinating!
  13. Shooter: Can you adjust my sights please? (Glock 17) Me: Why, what's the problem? Shooter: Theses sights are off...its shooting low and to the left! Me: Are you sure you are not disturbing the sights when you press the trigger? Are you sure you're not flinching? Shooter: Yes..I'm definately not flinching...can you please just push the rear sight to the left? Me: Umm...Ok..but you know that's the wrong direction? Shooter: No it's not. Me: Yes it is. Shooter: No it's not. Me: Yes it is. Shooter: Just do it please. Me: Sure boss...(I push the sights to the left for him)...
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