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  1. Bill, I have one as well. It might take me a bit to find it. Jack
  2. In Memory of Leon DeNina Jr. August 24, 1943 - February 14, 2014 Obituary Leon DeNina, Jr. 70, of Willis died Friday, February 14, 2014 at his home following a short battle with cancer. Leon was married to Carolyn West in Houston on September 2, 1966. Leon was a retired underground utility contractor in Houston. Leon was a fisherman and an avid USPSA competitive shooter. Leon is survived by his wife Carolyn, son Trey "Leon DeNina III" and wife Whitney of Spring; two brothers, Frank (Ruth) DeNina of Tomball and Jack (Jody) DeNina of Willis granddaughters Presley and Munchie and several nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers please make contribution to Odyssey Hospice or the charity of your choice. Service Information Visitation (Shooter Shirt and blue jeans are appropriate) Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:00pm - 8:00pm Forest Park The Woodlands Chapel 18000 I-45 South The Woodlands, Texas 77384 936-321-5115 Celebration Of Life Wednesday, February 19, 2014 10:00am Forest Park The Woodlands Chapel 18000 I-45 South The Woodlands, Texas 77384
  3. Worn out from Space City, but I am really looking forward to this match, Jack
  4. Just got home from the range and unloaded. Scores are up on USPSA.com. Have a few competitor shirts left. I will bring them to the Cowtown Classic if any body is interested at $25. I will also bring the plaques. Jack PS LOL Roman
  5. Space City Challenge 2013 April 19 - 21, 2013 Hosted by Bay Area Practical Shooters in Friendswood just south of Houston, TX Produced by Texas South Section 8 stages; 200+ rounds. Level II Match (pending USPSA approval) Cost: $135 ($25 Late Fee after April 1); Ladies & Juniors: $65 (No Late Fee) ROs and Staff shoot free! (ask me about the RO package if you are interested in working the match) 2013 SCC Shirts are $35. They will be awesome as always. 8 stages; 200+ rounds. Cost: $135 ($25 Late Fee after April 1); Ladies & Juniors: $65 (No Late Fee) ROs, Staff and GMs shoot free! (ask me about the RO package if you are interested in working the match) One day shooting format. ROs and Staff-Friday. Full squads - Saturday. Half squads - Sunday. Random prize table (with many guns if we can find any for sale...) will be distributed on Saturday afternoon. You must be present to win or have a representative designated in writing to collect your prize! Plaques will be distributed Sunday. Cash Prizes for Division HOAs. All Divisions and Classes will be recognized per USPSA recommendations for Level II matches in Appendix A2 of the rule book. Cash Prizes $500 - Division HOAs with more than 15 competitors in the Division $250 - Division HOAs with more than 10 competitors in the Division $100 - Division HOAs with more than 5 competitors in the Division NOTE: PSC Gun Club will only allow brass cased ammunition for this match. This local rule has received the express consent of the President of USPSA. Match Director: Jack Sweet Range Master: To be advised Match application: will be available online within a few days. Watch here for more information: www.texassouthsection.com Email to: tsssc@texassouthsection.com Internet squadding will be available after February 15.
  6. +1, Jack and the RO's did a great job! Also a THANK YOU to Briley for the Franchi 3-gun shotgun that was raffled on Sunday, that I won Congratulations on that one Scott!
  7. Jack of course I do not need to tell you that the target should have been scored as a miss and a no shoot. I guess our Squad did not hit the no shoot or someone would have said somethiong about how to score it. I guess it is what it is. To bad you did not throw out stage one, I did bad on it. Thanks for what you do. I wasn't the ro, but rather the match director. I am the one that decided to toss it. The RO did stand there looking pretty crushed and told me, "This is all my fault." I felt bad for him and his crew. He designed the stage, built it, rebuilt after the storm Friday night and ran it for a day and half. He just missed the "impenetrable" thing. I accept my part in it. I did not realize that the other certified RO that I had on the stage preferred not to run shooters. Had they swapped after the first squad, it might have been caught early enough to re-shoot. I would guess, that there were at least a few shooters who kept quiet, because the points were in their favor. One can definitely argue that it is not their responsibility, but I can tell you that the next time that one of my targets is mis-scored, rather than doing the internal happy dance, I am going to remember tossing this stage. I had a choice I could have kept quiet and let the stage run, and hope nobody hurt by the scoring mistake ever noticed. Since the mistake that was hurting them was not on their score sheet, it could have gone unnoticed. That seems like a pretty sad way to go through life. I avoided looking at results during the match, but discovered later that this was one of my best stages. This is my last post on the topic of tossing the stage. Regards, Jack Sweet Match Director SCC 2012
  8. We tossed stage 2. The RO was miss calling shots on the clamshells that past through the no-shoot and hit the target. He was scoring the hit on the target, rather than calling it a miss. He score it that way all day yesterday and the first four squads today. It was not called that way on Friday when the staff shot. There was no way to re-shoot and there was no doubt of the outcome if it were arbitrated; therefore, we determined that we had no choice, but to toss it. My apologies to those who did not apologize for the error. No one feels worse than the RO involved. I will report more about the match after I have had a chance to recover a liitle. Thank to everyone, Jack Sweet MD There was no Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Likely because they can sell it. Good guess. Our goal is not to leave a single 9mm case on the ground for them. ROs have first dibs, but ask them if they are keeping it when you get to the stage. If not, ask them if you can. I will try to have a couple of Brass Wizards™ on each stage to help. Regards, Jack
  10. An email will be going out through the Self-squadding system with the code tonight. Jack
  11. Very few spots left in the match. We have offered spots to everyone on the waiting list. Waiting for responses. Yes, we will be raffleing a 1911 that has been touched up by VanDenBerg Custom and a beautiful Franchi shotugun that has been customized by Briley for tactical/3-gun use. The La Porte Tactical Officers will be raffling off an Springfield XD9 Tactical. We will be giving away another 8 guns on the random draw prize table. Regards, Jack Sweet Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Stages will go up on the website at 8pm tonight. spacecity.texassouthsection.com Jack Sweet, MD
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