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Dawson Precision STI Enhancement vs Your own & others

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Apologies if this should be in another forum. Mods, please move if need be.

Read their marketing material and looking for recent opinions on the Dawson Enhancement package. Did a search here but had some questions.

Do you have one of these EP's? How is it different than a nice polish job, different springs and a new tweaked C&S sear (Colt sear spring)? I ask that without disrespecting Dawson and more from a research standpoint for my next STI purchase. $200 is a big chunk.

If possible set aside that someone from DP goes over the firearm. How is the trigger action compared to the aforementioned.

Thank you in advance.

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My opinion is if I pay over $2000 for a gun it better be pretty well enhanced when I get it, I wouldnt pay 3rd parties to do what the original manufacturers should be doing. I ordered my STI from Dawson but didnt pay extra for the EP. I changed the safety to a wider one which I am capable of doing myself. I also did a basic polish job on the existing trigger parts. I have been very happy with my STI, but if I had issues with it I would be dealing directly with STI and would not be paying a 3rd party,

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I have a Dawson Super Tuned Edge, and it's been outstanding. Consider that the price is $450 higher than a stock Edge, but it's hard chromed, had an ICE magwell, D&T mag release with oversized button, Dawson FO front sight, and a trigger job, and you're essentially getting the reliability package for free.

I've done a few things to mine since then, but as it came out of the box, it ran 100% for many thousands of rounds, regardless of ammo...that's not always the case with stock guns. R,

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The Dawson Super tuned Edge is a good deal if you are going to add things like the the ICE and front sight later plus the hard chrome is $300 alone. Also it doesn't hurt to have Dawson look it over before you get it, if I were ordering an Edge I would go that route no questions asked.

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Something else to think about it, even tuned you may still have an issue. I have dealt with both DP and STI on repairs. Here is my story.

I purchased a STI Grandmaster from DP. The lead time for the enhancement was a few months. I took the gun to shoot in the mean time. It only ran a few matches before wouldn’t run without a jam and that was my second stage at Space City Challenge.

I took it to STI and they “fixed” it. I’m local so I got to go to STI and test fire and it ran fine. I ran a match or two before it went to DP for the enhancement.

Got the gun back from DP and it ran great. Never jammed but the brass was hitting my C-More mount. After a few thousand rounds the bottom of the aluminum mount looked like fish scales. I called and talked with Dave and without hesitation he said bring back.

He found the breech face had something wrong. He sent the slide back to STI for repair. When the slide returned Dave invited me up to test fire. It was better but some brass was still hitting but no jams during the test firing. Dave was pissed to put it nice and very embarrassed that he asked me to come up there, he expected more from STI. Gun was repaired, new mount installed all at no charge. It has run perfect ever since.

My take away from this is that STI will take care of you no doubt, they are a great company. YOU may have to deal with them a couple of times.

DP will take it and won’t give it back until its right with very few questions asked.

Think about it this way. STI doesn’t build these guns to a tuned level, the DP enhancement package is for that. If you have a problem you will most likely only receive the level of service that is usually sent out the door. So I would predict DP will repair anything to a higher standard and only once.

We have 2 DP tuned Edges and 2 DP tuned Grand Masters. We have not had any other issues. I couldn’t have asked for more from DP with my purchases or rapair.

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