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Pressure testing lab?


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Does anyone know of a place to send a load to have it pressure tested? I experience "creep" in my loads. You know, I can't get primer A, so I use primer B, and lets try this 230 JHP in place of that 230 FMJ, and it seems to feed better at this OAL than that. Eventually, it's all different, and I don't know what it is. It sure would be nice to get the numbers.



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Why? Are you loading towards max? When you make a bullet/powder change, one hopes you go back to starting load and work up. Every change in bullet and powder is a new load.

I wish that I could hook up a transducer to T/C Contender barrels and measure pressure of all my loads for the fun of it, but I don't need to. I would find that a lot more useful than a chronograph, since I don't care about velocity, just effect on target.

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