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Howdy from the northeast (Massachusetts)


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I’ve been dropping in here to get info and enjoy other shooting enthusiasts chatter. I’ve been away from shooting (mostly bullseye) for many years and am now getting back to it. I’m also dusting off my reloading equipment so I can afford to shoot again. I came so close to selling it just a few years ago but thankfully had a second thought about it.

I’m going to try to start with shooting steel plates and pins just to see if I can keep up with the crowd. It looks like fun but my club has none of that, you can’t even practice it. It looks like I’m going to have to find another club that has more of the action shooting activities.

Wishing you folks all the best in the new year and here’s hoping we have a healthy one.
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Thanks for the welcome Dan. I live in the eastern part of the state and have seen and been told that the Harvard gun club would be one of the best to join. Harvard wouldn't be too far to travel for me either although the one I'm in now is only a short hop of five miles away. I'll probably join Harvard and stay a member of my old club, I will still do a lot of bullseye shooting and can practice there for that and rifle also. Who knows, down the road the old club may expand their action shooting . . . I can always hope!

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