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Read one post too many regarding Shadow Custom


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Read one too many posts including the 2011 teaser with the short-dust cover.....ouch, head hurts. Which one(s) are my options?

9mm for Production and ESP or SSP.

I like an adjustable rear target sight and f/o front

Changing springs is no big deal so if the target sight comes with a 15 I'll slap a 13 in. Or whatever.

There is a model at Angus' site with 3 mags yet the 2011 short dust cover comes with two.

Lastly: get it from Angus or Mink, right?

That should do it. Thanks.

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Shadow T (short dustcover Shadow) is not yet approved for Prod Div or SSP. It may take another year or so.

Either Angus or Matt, your choice, both are great, really.

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haha...don't feel alone. there are a lot of cool details to the CZ line

the Shadow T (SDC) is going to be a great gun, for me..one of the BEST. but still awaits to be on the list. Angus says he has meetings scheduled at SHOT with the powers of the various shooting sports groups, so hoping for some good news.

The standard factory SHADOW gun comes with three mags.

the Shadow T, is a creation of CZ Custom using 75SA frames and Shadow slides. comes with two mags.

Matt Mink is a shooter for CZ-USA and is very good at getting the best out of a CZ, Angus's shop is also one of the best there is too.

Who would I choose?? don't ask. :D

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+1 what Stu said.

I myself am waiting on what the news will be about what the new 75 Shadow will be approved for too, so at least know you're not alone.

Regular Shadow is great, but if you play IDPA more like I tend to, then not having to worry about the "Shadow diet" and running crappy grips and such or possibly ending up shooting for fun instead of for score at a sanctioned match (even if only in ESP for now) is a welcome option.

Think I'm going to install an SAO trigger and have maybe the baddest ESP gun out there for IDPA and play in Limited minor for USPSA.

As far as the extra mag with the original Shadow goes remember this: the new 75 Shadow comes with the competition hammer already installed (something most do to an original Shadow too) so the value is a wash if you're not into working on your own CZ's, for those of us who are, guess a $100 premium to get something a little more "exclusive" is no big deal (especially if it makes it more worthwhile and possibly encourages Angus and co. to keep pushing through more models we want that aren't already offered like these one's... Stainless 85 Combat with newer higher-upswept-beavertail-frame next please guys!).

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