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Glock Mags, Holster,, pouches, and belt


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Hey guys, I am new to comps and I plan on getting a Glock 17. Can you use the Serpa Holsters from Blackhawk in USPSA? Where is a good place to get mags, and how much? Pouch wise, where is a good place to get them cheap? What kind of Belt should I get that will last a while and is good quality, but isnt that expensive? I am 15, and have a small budget, so I would be saving up to get them.

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I'm guessing you're going to shoot in USPSA Production Division? The Serpa holster is legal, although with the latch there may be better choices out there. Check out bladetech or comp-tac. Magazine pouches are also offered by the same vendors. Heck, you could even get some Uncle Mikes gear pretty cheap at most gun stores that will serve you well. I got all my mags through CDNNinvestments.com They usually have used police mags that appear to be brand new. A stiff leather belt is OK in the beginning, but you'll want to go with something better specifically geared for competition. Inner/Outer belts from CR Speed, Double Alpha, or Ghost Inc. are normally what you'll see on the range in USPSA. If you're looking at IDPA, look at The Wilderness Instructor belt, 5-stitch or CSM.

Check out these guys on youtube for more information.


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Hello: I would go ahead and buy a CR Speed belt. A good belt makes a big difference. I would get a Blade Tech DOH holster since you will have options on how you set it up. I like the Comp-Tac belt holster for a Glock 34 since it will fit the smaller Glocks as well in case you get a Glock 34/35 in the furure.The Blade Tech can be ordered for a Glock 34/35 as well. For mag holders I like the Safariland 771's for USPSA. I use 5 on the belt for Production. For IDPA I use Comp-Tac belt mag holders and use 2 individual ones. For IDPA I use just the inner CR Speed belt :cheers: A great place to get the CR Speed, Blade Tech and Safariland stuff is Shooters Connection. I have tried alot of different gear and these work the best for me. My 12 year old son uses this setup as well. It may cost a little up front but you will only have to buy it once. Get the belt 4" larger than your waist size to give you some room to grow. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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