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6'' vs 5" as well as lightening


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Ok I'm trying to decide which limited gun to get and would love for y'all to school me on the pros and cons of going with a 6" vs a 5". I would think a 6" would be advantageous because it would give a little better accuracy. With a longer barrel velocity would be higher so I believe that you would be able to make power factor with a slightly lighter load (significant??) therefore less recoil. Also what is the purpose of slide lightening? Obviously it looks great and I'm guessing it allows the slide to cycle faster but is there more to it then that?



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Honestly I cant see any advantage whatsoever to a 5 inch gun for Limited USPSA, The 6 inch gives you a longer sight radius for better practical accuracy, will generally make power factor with less powder, (debatable based on barrel variables and burn rate of powder selected). I just dont see any disadvantages. Slide lightening basically gets the weight down to reduce gun movement during recoil, the slide moves back but then slams forward, a lighter slide will allow a lighter spring and slam forward less casueing less dip, HOld a gun at slide lock like you are shooting, drop the slide while looking through the sights and see how much it dips. Claims will be made of faster transitions with a shorter gun but I dont buy it if the guns are similar weight. Newer to the game shooters are probably better suited with a heavy gun go with a 6 inch bushing barrel standard slide, then as your ability to manage recoil increases, go to a lighter guide rod, then later get slide lightened.

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In a 6 inch, get a lightened slide from the get go. Shot both a std 6inch and a lightened 6 inch and mine is getting cut as we speak. The std 6inch slide has more weight going back and forth and dosent seem to track as well and just jumps around more. The lightened slide one shot better for me and tracked alot better. If you want more weight up front, a tungsten guide rod will do it.

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