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Full moon


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The full moon has been in full force in the office all last week and this one as well (so far). Decided to take the long way home tonight, driving the back roads off the side roads.

<40 mph, windows down, listening to the birds and crickets ... when my rear view mirror goes dark. Tailgated by a HUGE SUV -- think State Department armored black Suburban.

This clown is so close that I can't see the manufacturer's logo on the grille! Also close enough that I can see the behemoth is being controlled with only three fingers -- left hand clamping cell phone to ear; right thumb, 4th & 5th fingers on the wheel, index & middle finger holding the cigarette ... when he doesn't have BOTH hands off the wheel taking a drag. :surprise: [insert expletive]

Dude, if you have an agenda, there's a full-speed 4-lane that runs parallel, just a mile or two north. No way to pass here, this really is a BACK road.

Finally got to a cross road and I turned off. He goes hammer down and blows the stop sign (on a hill).

I hope his "mission" was "life or death", because I certainly felt like mine was in jeopardy.

[Mods can close this any time, I'm done]

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