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Greetings from Seattle


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A big "HELLO" to everybody. I recently just picked up shooting as a hobby about a year ago. From my cousin that's active in IDPA shooting. He pointed me to the Brian Enos web site for great information. I am still fairly new to shooting & still learning all the cool lingo. I personally would like gain more knowledge & learn from all you seasoned shooters out there. From the looks of it. This looks like a great web site to learn & gain the knowledge I need to grow to become a seasoned shooter like you all. I would appreciate any tips you might have to share.

I recently just picked up an AR15 "S&W M&P15X" Most of my questions that will be posted will be more about this weapon. Again to everybody a BIG HELLO..Glad to be a part of this forum...Ed

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Welcome to the forum and to practical shooting. The best way to get better is to show up and shoot. There's no shortage of good shooters willing to share tips with newbies. Give USPSA a try as well. Check out the http://northwestsection.org for our club locations and a shooting calendar.

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Hi Jackal & Splashdown..A buddy of mine that shoots IDPA told me the same thing. About showing up at shoots. That I would gain great knowledge and information there. What better way to get acquainted with my rifle. Thanks again for welcoming me to the forums.

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