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  1. Hoping you have that button on both sides, it's more important for me to have to activate the safety when I'm dumping than to disengage it to shoot as even stock it's easy enough when at low ready or POA to disengage the safety.
  2. In! Been thinking about just drilling and tapping the safety, mostly for the left side. Taking it off safety isnt too bad, but engaging it quickly for the barrel would make me more confident. I try and go dry as much as possible because I hate safeing it.
  3. Custer is now a 3 Gun nation club now and its nothing like it was, more shotgun and pistol. Marysville is also now hosting 3 gun every 3rd Sat of the month. Kitsap is hosting a 2 day format 3 gun match in 2 weeks and Tri Cities 3 gun is this Saturday. Eastern Wa club is a sanctiined 3GN club as well and is hosting a club series match next month as well. There are a few options here. USPSA every Sunday at one of the clubs.
  4. Anyone think attempting to "moon" out the front of the loading port so it doesn't catch a bad idea?
  5. He recommended the Tec2, so I believe that's the Remington.
  6. Seeing that picture, I believe I have the benelli, and notice I could probably use a little length. Hmmmm
  7. Interesting, didn't think about lowering it there. You wouldn't happen to have pictures?
  8. I recently converted my 930 to shoot in Open, I installed the new Arredondo 930 Speed loader but noticed if I don't put a good enough angle on the Tecloader into the gun, I end up with tec loader parts at my feet and not in my gun. Hulls will catch on the leading lip and it quickly turns into a train wreck from there. A friend of mine was looking at it and suggested I open up the port more, especially in the front lip more. I want to know if I'm over looking something, but I don't think it should pose as a problem, and see that a lot of folks open up the port much more than I have it now. How far is too far?
  9. I have made several purchases from that small gun shop and have been extremely happy with every single one. I have and do recommend that small shop on a very regular basis because I am so satisfied with my own experiences. I expect zero compensation for doing so. I would rather a person get good service and product than be forced to recommend something because its on my shirt. Now, if I put the name of a company on my guns or my person they better damn well be paying for it. The trend of shooter buying jersey's for "contingency" programs from actual companies is a joke. Not to mention all the other brands that are listed on that jersy that very well could be absolute junk or snake oil. Spending your money to "qualify" to get paid is just silly. I like that sentiment, none of my guys has ever paid for their jersey and they are given products and the choice to use the product and if they like it, they're welcome but not obligated to promote them. None will likely leave their day job to shoot full time as we're not that big of an outfit, and I do everything I can to support them from match fees, free ammo, free products, firearms and services. I can trust each one of them, because I know each one of them well and each one wants to be on the team. Everyone has gone through a probationary period before they are given a contracted spot because I'd rather someone that wants to be with the team and is already a believer of our goals and has been a supporter of our sponsors, than someone I have to pay to run our gear. Ultimately it is a marketing tool, and I believe the best way to promote the product is to truly believe in them first.
  10. I work for a little AR shop here in Auburn, WA and manage the sponsorship and promotions division. Here's a friendly tip for those looking to garner said support from said companies. If you never supported our company or team before you asked for support, I probably will not give you a second look. Having been on both sides of the rope for a number of years, this is truly important for me. I simply do not pay for loyalty.
  11. My searcfoo is out of wack because I can't seem to find any info on them. How have folks been putting their CR speed pouches on their ELS forks? I though I had it figured out, but it spins/swivels on me with the new bolt and nut I figured out from Lowes. There's got to be a better method that will allow them to be as rock solid as they were on the CR belt attachments. Help, with pictures please!!
  12. "Value" is very subjective, so you're query will be all over the board, depending on who you ask. The two most popular are the Magpul offerings and the Vltor offerings. With that said, in regards to value I would take a look at the new B5 offerings if you are a Sopmod type of guy, they have a new economical offering that's similar to the Sopmod minus the storage compartment which to me is utterly useless. Even more important is to get a good extension, don't cheap out on the buffer tube and buy the cheapest you see. The difference will be in the threading, and exterior finish which will effect how well it locks up to your stock.
  13. Yes sir, stay tuned. We have a few new barrels in the works, but the 18" SPR "Select" is a great idea! The Select series in my opinion is one of the best values in SS barrels today. Ari
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