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  1. Life is busy and so is my area.
  2. John, my condolences on both your wife, and now sister. I know exactly how you feel. I lost my father almost 4 years ago, and I too had that "feeling" when I chose to tell my wife to tell her mother we were going to be running a little late for dinner, because i wanted to check on my father, whom was already at the hospital only 4 days after his birthday, and after he had a triple by pass. It turns out, I was the last one of the kids to talk with him while he was still concious and alive. He went into a coma he never woke up from 5 minutes after I left his room. He simply told me "you shou
  3. I shot this at my last match, 3.76 30 points. I missed my first shot on the front steel, shot the rear then front usp. At the very end of my video montage for this match.
  4. Oh sure, more airtime :-) My last 2 weekends... Me and wifey... my other favorite past time on my boat hookin' fresh chrome silvers off the Straits... aka "charlie hustle"...
  5. Nice going Shred! Good job!!!
  6. My favorite means to take gun porn is no further than my back yard. I like natural light for guns. And I use a tree stump most of the time because it contrasts with my guns well, as well as add a little touch as to my area (PNW). I'm not much of a photography buff, I'd like to get more into it though one day. Pencils, bullets, pens through the trigger guard to me always seemed tacky. I use a long piece of bark/branch to prop my gun up and angle the shot so you don't see the prop... Stainless steel 1911's and autumn colors contrast very well.
  7. Sweet! I've only got 5 matches over you guys. You ever see that bumper sticker that reads... "Don't follow me, I'm lost too." I'm sure we'll have a good time learning alot this season. I'm ready for some sun.
  8. Hold up, Albert Lim? or Albert B? Landon's open gun? Nice
  9. Awesome, looking forward to seeing it run!
  10. Just recently started shooting in Open, and I can say I'm really having a good time. Totally whole new game with an Open gun. Here's my new to me blaster that I picked up this summer, before and after. What she looked like about 6 months ago: And "Now", minus the thumb rest, which didn't work for me. She's still hardly "final", still fooling around with parts to see what I like and what works. I'm stuffing coin away for when I find that combination and will something prettier built. This one is one I can hack on without much guilt.
  11. My Friday and Saturday night hang out spot. Looks like I'm the odd man out preferring to sit down while I'm pressing.
  12. My everyday summer carry. From "back home"
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