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Removing Attachment on Newer Blade-Tech Holster

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I need to take off the attachment off of my Blade-Tech holster. The last three holsters I got from them seems to have loc-tited screws. If I turn the screw the post/nut spins along and I can't take it off.

I was thinking about using super glue to the edge of the post to the kydex. But looking at the holster that I want to modify I can't reach the screw all the way inside (it's a WRS).

How do I take the screws off?

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Thanks. I got it off anyways. I used a flathead screw driver and wedged it between the attachment and the holster. Then I used a powered drill with a phillips head to turn the screw. While turning I added pressure with the screw driver to help hold the nut against the kydex.

It actually heated up a little. So the heat, the pressure helped and the high spin rate got it right off. No heat damage to the holster as far as I can tell.

And I'd like to say that the search function with this new software stinks. :P

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