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Kodak Zi8 video


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I just recieved my Kodak Zi8 camera and shot this video this morning at a local match. Really nice camera with alot of nice features including being able to video in 1080P.


I have the same one and love it. I'm looking to get one of those flexible Joby gorilla pods so I can hook it to something on short stages and don't always have to ask folks to record me. Do you know if there's a car charger for it???

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The owner of my local range / gun shop puts this match on. He calls them Practical Pistol matches. It is aimed at getting people into shooting and getting them to focus on accuracy instead of outright speed. The typical match has 3 targets set out anywhere from 5-25yds. Each stage is either 6 or 12 shots with a PAR time from 8-18 seconds. Scoring is based strictly on accuracy. 60 rounds per match with each shot worth up to 10 points. It looks easy when you watch it, but try shooting 5" x 5" head shots at 25 yds with a PAR time counting down on you is tough. It is a great match to get new shooters going as there is only Limited and Open class but we normal shoot 6 shots and then reload and shoot 6 more, so a person can basically shoot any gun they own. New shooters can draw from low ready and you can place your mag on the table next to you. Really helps keep the cost down. I won the championship match last year and took home a $350 gun store certificate.

Oh, and you can only have the stated number of rounds in the your mags. So if you have a malfuntion and loose a round while you clear the problem you are S.O.L.

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I ordered the remote control and the Silicon protective sleeve this morning. I will just place it on a mini tripod on one of the tables and use the remote to operate it next week.

Here is the other video I made of me shooting Limited class, in the same match, with my Spartan 9mm. I just bag each gun after each stage since I am shooting 2 guns / classes at the same match.


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