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live shooting drills


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I don't remember all the classifiers, but times two, sticks in my mind because, it has some movement involved and you can work on your movement into boxes/positions. Try to get it down in the high 5 sec or better, and you are on your way.

most classifiers test basic skills like draw, reload, strong/weak hand shooting, alot of that stuff you can work on at the house, except for the shooting part. But if you want to do well on classifiers, practice those things. It will also help your overall game.

live fire drills, I work on what is faster type drills. If if see a scenario in a match. and I think one way is faster, and I see another person shoot it a little faster, I will see which way is faster for me. Also I just do simple drills that work on accuraccy in live fire. having targets at different distances to work on different trigger speeds, as well as patience for long shots.

In club level matches I work more on the mental side of the game. visualization, and executing what I visualize. rehearsing the stages in my mind, then shooting them.

But to make a long story short, you must always be learning, if you are not practicing, try to think of ways to save time on a stage, maybe think of the last club level match that you shot, and how you could have saved time, or go over something that you could improve on, or what you could have done differently. you can do this at work, anywhere, just thinking of the game, keeps your mind sharp and it will open your mind to different ideas, that you can take to the range, and work on.

Hope this helps


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Lefty's Revenge, Riverdale and/or Baseball Standards. Lefty's is kinda hard to set up unless you have gear to or access to your range's stuff for the barricades.

If you can get the timing thing down, and feel natural at it, you will be ahead of the bunch. Many choke on these two standards classifiers. These are the three I will be working this summer. Any of the standards drills force accuracy and single or weekhand shooting. Not all but many, and the reload. I am currently trying to break from the D class in L, L10, and Production. I have been practicing on the reload, and the shifting to weakhand move alot too.

If you have plateracks at your range, get out and shoot them from close to far distance just burning up your weakhand. This is what I will be doing tomorrow morning before we get out and enjoy the day.

Practice, practice, practice.


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