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Race Master Block


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Before I jump the gun- has any one attempted to change out the block on the Race Master. I received my SV block on Wednesday, just tryed to install it and the tension screw will not go into the wedge and then thread in to the back side of the holster. So I took it out, put the STI block back in- three times and no problem!

All the holes line up but it wont screw through the wedge then into the back of the block?

The wedge is in the correct place, and I watched the video on the forum!

Any feed back! :sick:

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Got a reply from Saul- it appears that some of the first holsters had a 10.2mm hole in the body. At some time that hole was inlarged to 11mm- so I can drill the hole to 11mm or pull out the square nut in the back-where the tension screw threads into and enlarge this area just a tad-so that nut can move around some and keep the tension screw from going in at an angel!

How about this- why not enlarge the wedge to 11mm? after all it's the less expensive part of the system. Sent this question to Saul this day. :cheers:

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OK all set. The easy cure- file the side of the wedge,so it will match up with the hole in the square nut! My wedge had to be filed on the right side-as I looked at it- thus it moved the hole to the right when inside of the block! :devil:

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Yes, I was back and forth with Rolex to day, and we sorted out his problem. As he said, he just needed to give that wedge a little more wiggle room.

In the past few weeks we have been assembling hundreds of holsters, and in the process came to realize that some of the dimensions were designed unnecessarily tight. What works for prototypes does not always work for production of hundreds, so as we go we adjust and loosen the fit, so that the parts have some wiggle room and make assembly and interchangeability better. We learn as we go...;):blush:

We modified this wedge, making the hole bigger, and that resolved this issue already, and Rolex was able to achieve the same by filing the wedge a little narrower, which also does the trick nicely.

Of course - if any one comes across any issues - just email me - I am here to help! As pointed out, I stand 100% behind this product - and proudly! :cheers:



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