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20 Round for 229?


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I have a couple ProMag cheapo mags that hold 20 or so, and stick out the bottom.

But of course for Production Division you are restricted to no more than 10 rounds in your mags, so the 20 rounders would be for plinking I guess?

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I know that a 228 and 229 mag are different. The 228 will work ? but is a loose fit in the mag well. I would expect the same issue with an extended mag

The 228 and 229 magazines are the same for 9mm. If you have a 40/357 229, the 9mm 228/9 mags will fit loosely in the well as it is a slightly wider frame.

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Greetings...I build a base pad for the P226 that will also fit the 9mm P229...you should easily get 20 in the mag

please feel free to contact me for more info



I'm having trouble posting links...please just delete the spaces between http: and have a look

h t t p : //i150.photobucket.com/albums/s84/RogerS911/171.jpg

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