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  1. Since that class with Max I have had cataract surgery in both eyes, total knee replacement last year in my left leg and retina repair surgery in my non-dominant eye this spring. They say it will take close to a year to totally heal. But 2 weeks ago at age 72 I ran a 7.24 in S&H in RFRO. I think that is my first GM level score so there is hope yet at my age. And I shot it 1, 2, 3, 4, S instead of my usual 4, 3, 1, 2, S. Why? Because with the rifle shooting RH its easier to snap to the LH plate than it is it to actually go against your body to the RH plate. I point shot all the big plates snapped to the stop plate with the red dot finally to my eye. All in spite of messing up the first run and having to shoot 4 perfect runs, 1.91, 1.84, 1.82, and 1.67. I have had sub-2 second runs before but never had 4 in one stage.
  2. OK since you reached out to me personally here is what I did. I actually did this on both my 15-22 and on the 2 Blackhawk Axioms stocks I sometimes use on my 10/22. I swapped out all stock pieces with the Magpul Fixed Carbine stock piece. Could easily have been another Magpul stock but I like to figure out what the correct LOP is then lock it down. the Fixed Carbine stock has a crossbolt you have to drill out or notch out a section of the polymer "fake buffer tube" then insert the bolt and nut. OK but the main reason I went with the Magpul is they have interchangeable snap in cheek risers from as low as 1/4" to as high as 3/4". I found with the C-More 3/4" was correct and for Irons 1/4" was correct. If you like an adjustable stock and you don't like the way the stock piece wobbles on the 15-22 sometimes or the way I fixed it the next best thing is a Safariland/Rogers Supper Stock. In addition to the adjustment lever it has a lockdown lever that you can adjust the slop out and get the adjustable stock as rigid as a fixed stock. Personally I prefer my speed rifles to be back heavy and front light so I can leverage the transitions faster. My 15-22 and main 10/22 currently have VQ carbon fiber sleeved barrels on them, my 3-gun AR sports an American Barrel Systems carbon fiber wrapped barrel and both my PCC uppers (1 for SCSA and one for USPSA) have Taccom alloy shrouded or sleeved barrels on them. If she is going to go to a 10/22 soon then if she is small the absolute best stock for a junior shooter is the Blackhawk Axiom. Its a combo of a 10/22 front stock and an AR rear stock so you can use a Magpul stock on the back although I am pretty sure it needs the commercial tube and not the mil-spec tube. Big thing is it has a really short trigger LOP, perfect for young shooters. Same stock Mackenzie Bragg used to set a world record in Steel Challenge RFRO. Same one Ron Oliver's 7 year old daughter Venice used to shoot the Rimfire World Championship with.
  3. In Rimfire Challenge it's pretty much mandatory to have a comp even on iron sight rifles because some brands and models of timers have problems with rimfires in general. Currently in SC it's not required in Rimfire open or allowed on Rimfire irons but it might be later. Comps on rifles won't do anything for muzzle rise it's just for the timers. I have used several over the years and they all help.
  4. OK here is my take. I have seen a lot of cool rimfire 2011s from people like Grimes and Striplin, but I have seldom competed against people shooting conversions. Some history, BJ and I use to talk over this forum back in the late 2000's when we were both shooting Buckmarks because we did similar testing with various parts. Later when he shot for S&W he used a conversion on top of his scandium frame, which he said he used because it felt the same as his open gun. When he left S&W and was on his own he showed up at the Ruger Worlds that year shooting a Ruger Mk III (non-22/45). When I asked him why he said after extensive testing he gained a tenth of a second with the Luger grip angle over a 1911 grip angle on the first shot. So I built a Frankenruger Mk III (only the bolt is still a Ruger part) and it does seem to be faster even though the grip does not seem as easy to hold secure as the 1911 angle on my Buckmarks. And both guns are built as identical as possible, with the same C-Mores, same 90 degree mounts, TacSol barrels, Allchin comps, Hogue G10 grips, and the "Ruger" uses a VQ lower frame to match the alloy frame of the Browning. Both weigh 27 ozs. fully equipped. I built my own thumb rests on both. Both have triggers in the 1.75-2 lb range. Both are reliable as can be. I mainly use the Frankenruger right now and it has not had to rack a round from a dud or FTF in at least a year and it shoots practice, 3 club matches a month ( 2 are year round regardless of weather), and any big matches that happen to come up (36g CCI for club and 40g CCI for big matches). As I have mentioned before my Buckmark went 49 straight matches in the 2011-2013 time frame without a single malfunction of any sort, shooting exclusively CCI 40g. And yes I know every trouble spot the BM can have as the gun passed 50K rounds in the space of about 6 years or so and parts got replaced. Early model which I happen to like better than the post 2001 models. But I don't shoot it now mainly because Browning stopped producing the early firing pins and I bought the last ones available at the time and the last one is in the gun (I actually have 2 early BMs). Last I heard no one's making new ones. As for 1911/2011 conversions I would not mind trying one. I won a Colt Competition .45 last year which I only use for bowling pin matches, and I have my old open STI that I don't shoot anymore plus my old Bull M-5 Limited gun. Even though the Bul has the better of the last 2 triggers (its an old Bul Custom Shop gun) I doubt any conversion will fit it due to the fact it like Para mags over STI type mags. Both guns are 9x23mm. I never tried converting either mainly due to the cost of TacSol double stack mags back when I considered it. But maybe with different options I might do it just to test out. Not for muscle memory reasons because I mainly shoot Glocks these days in centerfire.
  5. I lost 2 gas keys from my first 2 9mm BCGs. I firmly believe its mainly due to improperly stakes bolts as in the first one I found the bolts were loose the night before a big SC match and sure enough they sheared off and I had to borrow a friends PCC to shoot the last stage. I have since opted for a higher quality 9mm BCG, one from Faxon, that uses a flat faced gas key instead of a sloped one. There is at least one maker out there that has the gas key machined out of the entire BCG so no bolts to break.
  6. I have been running a 3# Timney drop-in flat trigger in mine for more than a year of competition with no problems. However I ordered a Hyperfire 24C just this week because of the good deal I found, just to try it out. May put it in something else also. I am pretty much a Geissele S3G guy most of the time.
  7. I shoot 9mm even in SS simply because I have a 9mm Dan Wesson. I used to shoot down loaded 9x23mm out of an old IPSC L10 gun in Limited but use one of my Glock 34 configurations these days.
  8. That's pretty common in outlaw type matches. My original club in Maryland has a Speed Steel match, 5 targets per stage and 5 runs over 5 stages and only stage 5 stays the same month to month.
  9. The original purpose of SC was USPSA practice and that is why OL is still in there. As somebody who is slow due to bad knees I don't care that much as no OL would likely be the last thing keeping me from GM in RF and PCC. But I kind of like the stage after Max showed me better ways to move.
  10. Unofficial stages don't count for classification purposes, only match scores.
  11. I used 7.25" TS barrels on my Buckmarks for RFPI in the past and liked it a lot. Considering using one of the 8.5" barrels in a new Ruger build just for the heck of it.
  12. I use nothing but plastic C-Mores on 90 degree mounts on all my open centerfire and rimfire pistols, although the one that came with my STI was the plastic one with the metal ratchet brightness knob. Mine never go off zero although on one of mine I put longer screws in it so I could put nuts on the back side of the mount also. That might be an option. I use 16 MOA dots for Steel Challenge.
  13. I use a 12 MOA on my PCCO mainly because I only shoot SC and outlaw steel matches, no matches with paper although I may consider a couple of IDPA matches this year depending on how it goes with my knees.
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