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My Open gun is jealous


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Been shooting Limited lately. Like it a lot and my gorgeous Open gun is starting to collect dust. Getting ready for Norther AZ Classic so I decide to do one last chrono check and then decided to practice draws on a plate rack at 20 yards. Started off great and then after about 100 rounds.... Kaping!! Off goes the FO. Okay, I figure I'll just practice without the blind person assist device. Doing alright for a bit and then suddenly I can't hit a thing. Hmmmmm..... Put a shot on paper and it is waaay left. Start to adjust the windage screw and the whole sight almost falls out of the slide. Both allen screws loose.

Now I'm thinking the odds of both of these happening right before a major match have to be close to impossible but then I remember I left both guns on the workbench last night all alone with my allen set nearby. I came home and and I swear I could see my Open gun looking at me as if it was saying "Yeah big boy, I messed it up and if I see you even thinking about taking her to Nationals instead of me I'll be putting so much red locktite down her firing pin hole you will be back at the Casino's before you can shoot the third stage!"

Guns, perhaps a little more like women than I thought. :P

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Never make a gun or a woman mad or jealous. :roflol: On a side note a good friend of mine has a 38 Super Open gun that's shy and gets easily embarrassed. It runs all day at any local he takes it to and then turns to sh1t the minute strangers are around. :sick:

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