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firing pin sticking


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My son has a kimber custom tac 2

Kimber replaced the slide due to extractor problems

since its return, aprox 1 year

the firing pin has stuck 2 times, while unload show clear.

at make ready inserts mag, slide forward, bends firing pin.

we have polished firing pin tunnel,we replace the spring every 3000

any ideas

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http://shootersconne...-Pin--P708.aspx find one like this if its a 45 if it is a 9, 38, 40 this one will work.

This is a common problem in open guns where the limits of loading are exceeded with primer flow etc but not common in a 45. Check the breach face for burs. Clean the tunnel often with a cue tip and solvent.

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the series 80 parts are no longer part of this gun

cocobolo the link isnt working for me, imm going to go look it up

its a 45

Ah. I think that CB posted a link to the Dawson Hyper Drive extended firing pin. I don't think anyone makes long firing pins in .45, but the EGW one should prevent the problem you're experiencing if, indeed, it is a problem with primer shear. http://shootersconnectionstore.com/EGW-OS-Firing-Pin-Stainless-45-093-1090-P360.aspx

What load are you running in the gun? Might be worth it to go to a powder that will produce lower pressure, thereby eliminating primer flow.

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Remove the firing pin. Remove the spring and check the fit of the pin from the breech side. If it feels a little tight put it in a drill, hammer side in the drill. Polish the pin with fine sandpaper while spinning it in the drill. Do not remove any more material than is necessary to let the pin move freely in the firing pin hole. If it is to loose trash will build up in the firing pin slot and the trash may be holding it.

If it's already to small, Ed Brown markets an oversize that has to be fitted. Had to do this in one of my open 38 Super guns.

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