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Looking at getting a Witness Hunter


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I've been oscillating between an elite match and a hunter over the last few months. The hunter looks like everything I could want in a sporting auto-pistol, but there's almost no information on them on the internet. Hopefully some of you have some experience with these fine looking guns.

Does the finish compare to the elite match's mirror-blued slide finish?

Since the hunter is built on the limited frame, can it be caliber converted using regular length slides?

The barrel is described as "premium" how is the fit on these to the slide? It doesn't look like they have a cone lockup.

The hammer looks unique from the other elite series pistols. Any comments on the trigger on these guns?

Any help is much appreciated.

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OK, here goes, Evaluating the NEW(V12 or V8) and old Tans (small frame pre 1993)

1)Trigger is very good but a bit spongy at least 2.75 lbs out the box.

metal is soft, so it does wearout. I suggest you change it to Henning's trigger parts.

2)Slide fit is ok, there is a bit slop in it but, I have

2x V12, I have actually swapped both top end and got a better tight fit.

3) Hammer, I have a small frame that was made in 93 and have the heart shaped

hammer. I see no difference from the new triangle hammer.

4) Barrel fit are decent but there can be no match for a CUSTOM FIT! I would still and a must!

to send the gun to a gunsmith to make sure barrel lock up and slide fit is custom!

Last, YES! you can always change caliber but EAA will not sell that to you. They have to sell

what the frame was originally made for according to the serial number, only option for EAA to sell to you would be a .22 top end or replacement for the original caliber the gun was made for. A Gunsmith can do what ever you like to it. Hope this helps.

Only difference on the hunter is that it has the LONG slide!

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