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Dry firing with factory barrel...

Lumpy McSoo

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I noticed that when dry firing my M&P 45 full size with the factory barrel but a Burwell competition everything else that the slide/sights move around a bit. Also the lockup is firm but not super tight.

On my Glocks that did this when I would drop a Storm Lake or Bar Sto aftermarket barrel in them the movement would go away. I would imagine the M&P to behave the same way but before I go spending more money I figured I would ask. It is really annoying in dry fire practice because I then have to think did I move or do something technically incorrect or is it just the slight slop of the barrel/frame/slide fit upon release of the striker and the energy of the firing pin spring having to go somewhere?

Any thoughts since I know you guys have tons of great advice? Yes, Bart's Storm Lake post was an instigator in my mind about this topic.

Later, Lumpy.

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Lumpy I have a storm lake 45 barrel around here if you want to give it a try if it doesn't do what you want just send it back.

The movement comes from the release of the striker. You'll also notice the slide to frame fit "get looser" after you have dry fired it. I have also found that when you rack the slide to reset the striker, let it go forward with a little zip or push it forward (do not drop the slide on an empty chamber) and it will minimize the slide wiggle when the striker is released. The other thing you can do is use snap caps a round in the chamber helps hold things together a little.

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Thanks for the reply. Let me think about trying out that Storm Lake barrel you have if the issue is the way I cycle the slide and/or use or not use snap caps. I know that after you have worked on this pistol that you probably know it better than I do. Snap caps, another good idea, well, some of the time. That actually helps since when using snap caps it didn't move as much, if at all. I never thought that they would help with the movement but in hindsight it makes sense. I was really getting confused as to what was going on. Sometimes it would move, others it wouldn't and then was it me or a bad yank or all the energy from the striker moving it around. I am just trying to maximize my dry fire practice and was wondering what was going on.

It may be worth trying the Storm Lake just to see how the two barrels compare with various ammo for accuracy testing. My big issue is to find the time to go out and spend a day shooting off a rest,or getting one of the sharp-eye group shooters to do it for me since I just am not currently a good group shooter out beyond 15 yards, mainly due to my love of shotguns and rifles beyond this range. I know I need to work on my group shooting out at distance but the boys currently curb that situation.

What has been your experience with aftermarket barrels? I thought I read in another post it sometimes made a difference and sometimes didn't.

Thanks for the tips. I was just really confused as to why with what felt like the same grip and trigger press sometimes the front site would be stationary like with my 1911s and sometimes it would bounce all over as with my Glocks. You have at least led me down a path to go test some variables that I wasn't even thinking about, closing the slide soft, a little zippier, and then full out but with a snap cap.

I'll be in touch if that 45c I desire ever gets purchased and needs your magic worked on it.

Thanks again, Lumpy.

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