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gear help

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I am new to this and have not shot a match yet. friend of mine is selling me a witness match to get me started. money is real tight and he is working with me very well. gun only has one clip and i have no mag holders or anything else. I have went through the classifieds and maybe i missed but didn't see the stuff i needed. i hope i am posting on the right forum if not please forgive me. if anyone has the stuff i am needing to get started at a good price (the wife idea of a good price) please let me know. I have to start slow or I will burn her out on this before i get started if you know what i mean. thanks

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The classifieds would be the ideal place to ask if anyone has some extra gear laying around for sale. Looks like you have to have 50 posts to do so though. You might PM a moderator and explain your need for some help getting started and they might be willing to help.

Afterall, they are a great bunch of mods. :wub:

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thanks sarge

Hi Bigcat,

I also started with a Witness many, many moons ago and know what you are going through. My best source for most of that stuff was at gun shows and talking to others in gun clubs. If you want new stuff, Henning Wallgren (http://www.henningshootsguns.com/shop/main.html) is a great guy to do business with. I purchased a lot for my witness through him (my wife shoots it now), he ships super fast, will give great advice, and like I said, just a great guy.

Good luck with your gear and welcome to the sport...

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