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Stippling a 2011 grip - how to video


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I got the urge to re-texture my limited pistol (edge). I really liked how it felt after I did it, so I had to do my airsoft (TM 5.1) as well. I video me doing it, what tools I used and compare the two pistols after I am done. It was alot easier than I thought. Now training between the two will feel the same.

video of grip re-texture and stippling

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When you did your STI grip, did you remove the

checkering and the diamonds before you did

your stippling ?

I did see a document tutorial from this forum (after I did the edge) and they did remove the checkering first. I did not do that to my Edge when I re-textured it. Looking back now, because of the size of my hands, I like the way I did it and it did not reduce the size of my grip. I did not even take the grip off the frame. Just don't melt the MSH in.

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