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    Holding my head in my hands, shaking my head. What is this world coming to?
  2. I'm so sad to hear of this. Clive was a good guy. I was sad when he retired from the Bianchi protest committee. I'll miss him. Thanks for posting, Tom.
  3. Yeah, works really well. Hmmmmm, maybe I should start shooting .22, again, and see if the elbows can deal.
  4. Kim, Warren made me a Wing Ring, way back when. Tracy
  5. I have it on good authority that Karie refused to allow match staff to shoot this year. So what is with this question?!?
  6. So where can one find this Bianchi survey? I didn't shoot this year, but I shoot most years. Was this something available only to 2017 competitors? Tracy
  7. John, it just never came up. This gun is how I met my honey. I was practicing Barricades at the practice range in 2006. My comp fell off. Richard taped it on for me so I could shoot the match, then I found Warren, who Loc-Tited the comp on for me. It has never come off or budged, since, and I found a wonderful guy, to boot. Eventually, maybe we'll put a Stick Shift on it. We've talked about it, but it hasn't been a high priority. Tracy
  8. Might be a light crowd from KC unless Warren and Tracy go. We're going! Tracy
  9. This is not good. You have done a very good job of helping us feel easier about getting all the paperwork, ammo and travel arrangements. I agree. You've done a great job, Dirk. Tracy
  10. Well, I certainly can't go wrong with Warren, my honey. And Jay kept asking both of us how the gun was running. He really wanted to make sure it was running well. Both of them know what they're doing, and care a lot about doing a good job. Tracy Tracy both you guys were so nice it was sure nice meeting you..are you guys going to the cameron cup? Thanks, it was nice meeting you, too. Yes, we'll be there. And my goal, this time, is to break 1650. Are you coming to the Pioneer match on Sunday? Tracy
  11. Well, I certainly can't go wrong with Warren, my honey. And Jay kept asking both of us how the gun was running. He really wanted to make sure it was running well. Both of them know what they're doing, and care a lot about doing a good job. Tracy
  12. Thanks, Alan! I missed you! I missed Ruthie, too, and Jeff Rowe, and a bunch of other people. I'm too damn short for a prone pad. As it is, I need to hold my head up too high going prone. But considering that the only practice I had was the Flagler Cup and what practice I got at the practice range, I think I'm headed in the right direction. Grant's going to help me train, and Warren and I are going to Germany for the Worlds. I'm planning on breaking 1700 there, and maybe 1800 next Bianchi Cup. I just need to practice to get there.
  13. Well, I don't have video, nor my revolvers with me, but I do have my semi-auto with me. Pictures won't tell the whole story, of course, but here you go. Not ONE problem not attributable to user error (ammo too long and not enough crimp). I had the bottom of this gun built with a different top about 5 years ago by someone else. I had nothing but malfunction after malfunction after malfunction. I asked Jay to put a new top end on it, and boy, I wish I'd done it sooner. He did a wonderful job. No problems at all from day one, unless I had light enough loads to not cycle the slide. (I was using up old reloads.) Jay's my semi-auto gunsmith hero.
  14. Jay is an awesome gunsmith. He really knows his stuff.

  15. Here are my two favorite gunsmiths in the world: Warren Moore and Jay Della Bella Warren does excellent jobs on our revolvers. He's the best Smith and Wesson smith there is. Jay, who built me an AWESOME open Bianchi gun, is the best 1911 smith there is. Because of Jay's work, (and his help with my operator malfunction) I had the best Bianchi Cup I've had in the seven years I've been shooting. Thanks, Jay!
  16. That's my Warren! He's very good at what he does. Very conscientious, too, and even if I weren't biased, I'd STILL say that. He did work on some of my guns before we got together, and he couldn't have paid more attention to detail. Tracy, Warren's "significant other" and biggest fan
  17. You CAN lock on the barricade with a revo. I do it. Tracy ETA: Ok, I'm an idiot. I read "Open guns are easier to shoot" as not-revos.
  18. The dot Warren put on my K-frame is the PFI dot with the four reticles. I love it. I don't use any but the single dot, but I could see a time sometime way in the distant future when the other reticles would work better for me (read: I'll have more control and can use them better). Tracy
  19. As others have stated, even the sponsored shooters have full-time jobs, but they still MAKE the time to practice, because they've made it a priority in their lives. You can memorize the course of fire, for sure, but there's no way to really "master" it. Even though the Bianchi Cup is the same four courses of fire every year, it's never the same. Every year, or every match, even, you're competing against yourself: your trigger finger, your physical condition, your mental state, your concentration. And there's no one else who can screw it up for you but you. We have a friend we shoot PPC with on a regular basis. He is retired, so he practices a LOT. But he can't always beat another friend of ours who doesn't get to practice as frequently, but who has more innate talent. Locally, we have one range which has permanent, dedicated AP ranges. We don't belong to that club, but we have friends who do, who have offered to go out with us so we can practice. We don't take advantage of that all the time for a number of reasons. We have also built a portable barricade and have a portable plate rack. We live 5 minutes away from a range at which we can practice Practical and Barricade, and 20 minutes from a range at which we could practice Plates. We don't go very often for a number of reasons. The reasons highest on that list are money and time. We need the time to make the money to live, and we need the money we make to pay the bills, be able to stay in the house, keep the shop, etc. We fully realize that by not taking full advantage of the opportunities we could have to shoot, we are not realizing our true potential, but for now, that's the way it has to be until the financial situation gets better. And until then, we attend the local AP matches and one or two PPC matches a month (depending on how many are held), and do the best we can with the time we have. And believe it or not, I'm actually getting better. Not as good as I'd like to get, but better than I was at the Cup last year. And next year should be better, again. Tracy P.S. Tom: Big hugs to you. I think you're doing a great job. Things were better this year than the first year I shot AP, and they are getting better all the time.
  20. Cool. We'll be arriving at the Extended Stay late on the 21st. See you all soon! Tracy
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