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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation ZZT. Great idea about checking debris on the target board. Will definitely try this out!
  2. Hi Guy, thanks for the response. I was told by the gun maker that I should try and aim for 140 power factor to see a benefit from the comp. I have a non-comp'd version of the same gun and it is shooting great at 135. I think I will try the same load when the comp'd version arrives. Thanks again!
  3. Sorry for the newbie question... I am looking at purchasing a single port compensated 9mm pistol and have read that I want to be around 140 power factor for the single port comp to be effective. I am currently loading 124 grain jacketed with 4.3 grains of Alliant Sport Pistol. With this load, I am getting about 135 power factor (average speed around 1085 to 1090). Alliant chart said I can go up to 4.7 grains for a +P load with Sport Pistol. I am sure that if I go to +P load at 4.7 grain, I will be at or above 140 power factor. I have he
  4. Thank you Chutist, I will check out the Comp-Tac holsters.
  5. Thank you Chewycookie, I will reach out to Atlas and see what they recommend.
  6. Hi everyone, Have a newbie question to ask... I just purchased an Atlas Athena as a range toy. It is a "2011" type 9mm pistol with 4.6 inch barrel with full dust cover. Been looking for holsters for this pistol but found only a few makers that specifically make one for this pistol; but not really interested in the ones I saw. Wondering if any all all "2011" double stack pistol holster should work for this gun? If not, is there any other pistol maker brands/type/specifications that I should be on the look out for the holster to work for thi
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