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  1. Has anyone had problems with Trident recently? I can't get it to load at all and even the website contact us feature won't work for me. After it thought over my submission for 10 minutes it flashed a screen and accused me of being a spammer. Huh.
  2. good to hear. did you get a chance to check the alignment of the primer tube with the cup in the primer slide? Was is correct already or did you adjust? I had some frustrations with all my presses....550 up to 1050. I automated the 1050 then rolled that automation (Mark 7) in at Evo. I am now very happy, but there were bumps along the way. Don't let frustration linger long when you hit a problem. Reach out here or at the Mark 7 forum for help.
  3. Setting up an IDPA stage wherein hitting a popper activates a disappearing rise-and-fall target. But I'd like to delay the rise-and-fall initiation for 3-4 seconds after the popper is hit Right now the lightest functioning weight on this rise-and-fall target gets me to 2-2.5 seconds. Though about inserting into the cable line a second activator (so popper activates a second activator which then activates the rise-and-fall). But before I spend too much time, I figured someone has done this before and might have a solution that they have actually used successfully? Thank you.
  4. You mean the slide wasn't moving forward properly with cycling?
  5. Yep, so if you are looking at it any other time it won't be how it actually works. It's one of those things that "can't be off" by design....not that I ever trust anything fully.
  6. Can you post a short video showing that area as you cycle the press?
  7. Hmm. The alignment pin on the tool head is what sets that position.
  8. Sorry I’m using my iPhone on the road and I can’t see that picture very well. If it’s not lining up with the primer tube, that’s the setscrew at the very back that you turn to adjust it’s stop point which is what you wanna do if the primer slide is not moving back far enough to catch the primers coming down the tube
  9. Wait is that the front or back? If that’s the front, it auto aligns with the primer pin coming down into the hole at the very front of the primer slideIf that’s the front, it auto aligns with the primer pin coming down into the hole at the very front of the primer slide
  10. Ah, you are cycling by hand, sorry I didn't realize that. Have you confirmed primers are coming up sideways already, then?
  11. And those circular marks on the slide top....are those impressions made by the primer tube? your primer tube should not be touching the top of the slide, perhaps there is an issue with the gap between the bottom of the primer tube and the top of the primer shuttle. Those brush-type striations are actually normal. that's the result of the undersurface of the primer riding along the shuttle top as the shuttle moves back and forth. I can't recall the exact nature of the assembly now, it's been a couple years since I had that system....
  12. Mark, I had the issue also. I have since moved up to the automated priming system, but I struggled with the original priming system on my Evo for many hours. Honestly it's a temperamental system. Are you also having jams of primers in and above the primer slide, under that plastic cap, etc? Are you having any other issues, besides this? Often multiple issues are from one problem, so that can sometimes help source the problem. Have you tested to see if this priming issue is correlated with press speed? One source for canted primers was that t
  13. Has anyone had the spring for the primer seating punch jam the rocker and fail to return the primer punch back down? If so is there a fix out there, a spring upgrade or something? Every so often the primer punch doesn't return fully, and I think it's the spring...it's compressed and stuck, and I push the primer punch back down and turn the spring 90 degrees or so and it'll work again for another 5k rounds until it happens again. I've removed and cleaned it, greased the rocker and the spring (but not so high that the grease can get on the primers) and this problem still occurs from
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