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  1. So, for the last 6-7 months, I was exclusively shooting 9mm in limited minor out of my CZ Tactical Sport. But recently, I found and purchased a .40 upper for it. So, it's time to move up to the big leagues. I've seen tons of load data using N320 and 180gr bullets, but all the load data I've seen has been for longer loads than I can use in my gun. Typicall 1.18-1.2" is what I'm seeing. As my chamber only like stuff up to 1.14" at longest, I have to load to that length to accommodate it. Was wondering if anyone could share some load data using the following criteria: 180gr FMJ
  2. Go through the different tabs on the bottom. Sheet is tabbed by what gun they were run through. I thought the same thing at first until I saw the crap load of tabs at the bottom.
  3. I kid you not....two days after reading this post, I got my first one as well. Like reading this jinxed me or something. It happened to me in the middle of a USPSA match though, which was a bummer because I was smack in the middle of running a stage pretty decently (by my standards anyways). Definitely sucked, but it is what it is. I guess I too will go back to leaning forward and confirming there's powder in each case, as I guess should be done anyways. As to how mine happened, I can only speculate, but this is my theory: For some reason my Loadmaster doesn't really dig Winch
  4. I run 124gr Everglades RN FMJ / CCI 500 / mixed headstamp brass with 3.6gr TG @ 1.120". Haven't put it through chrograph yet, but probably will tonight as I have some range time blocked off for testing a bunch of loads I cooked up over the last week plus. Can get back to you if you'd like to know what that clocks in at.
  5. This thread has made me laugh significantly harder than it should have. Solid. Gold.
  6. What I can't stand is unhelpful, elitist veteran shooters. I've been shooting guns for 25 of my 33 years on this planet, but have only been doing USPSA for ohhh....two months now. I'm definitely improving, and more importantly, keep showing up to the same two or three matches, every week. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't let it bother me to the point that it's ever going to stop me from being me, or doing what I love. In fact, the majority of the people I've met over the last couple months have been really cool, genuinely nice people. That said, it seems like no matter where I go, there i
  7. Hi. I'm Steve, from SW Florida. I'm a long time gun owner, but only recently got in as a USPSA shooter and reloader. I noticed that most of the google searches I did with respect to finding information on either reloading or USPSA related questions, this forum was the first (and most informative) result that popped up, so I figured I should probably join in. Cheers, SK
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