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  1. I'm staying away from you at the next match.
  2. A younger guy has sparked interest in Revo by shooting it with a full 8-shot setup w/moons recently. Sparked my interest. Everyone at the match were all talking about how cool the rig is. After he started, an old timer brought a another full rig out, but the firing pin was bad and all anyone saw was the struggle.That's all people see: the struggle. Long reload, lowest round count (no Barney), and stages built for high cap at local matches. I think mitigating that struggle with dots would go farthest. Some older gentleman that might come back if they could just see. I, for the most part, see Lim 10, Production, and Single Stack as loosely competing with each other. Revo is forced to compete only with itself since it's already hard use, but then you have to decide between a 33% increase in ammo (that also fits arrays) or major scoring. Basically, the outside vision of revolver division is that it's for hardcore enthusiast types that don't mind talking a beating.
  3. Rvolvrwest

    USP 9

    I was getting light strikes that I blamed on the old style internals. I called HK about my USP (date code KF), they said $250 to update the internals. I ended up finding all parts but the match hammer between a couple websites. If you want "worked over" internals, Gray Guns is highly recommended.
  4. I felt that the USP 45 was too violent to be a gun I wanted to shoot. I bought a compact, then got my hands on a Tac. I even had a piece of fiber milled into the factory front sight. Not sure what game you're thinking of playing, but make sure you're comfortable with the grip size. People grip smaller objects tighter than larger ones.
  5. I'm looking for it in the hammer platform, but I think striker is all anyone is going to make anymore. I think my P30L LEM was almost there, but the break just isn't as good as the USP. I'm converting a recently acquired USPf 9mm with match parts, and have the jet funnel for a the mag capacity giggles. It's just not quite there, and I'm not sure if I can justify the cost/benefit ratio of keeping my favorite brand for my USPSA Prodution gun.
  6. I love my H&Ks, my 1911 and boy do I want a 8-shot Revo. I'm a C class Production, finally joining the forum. Combat veteran from the Army, I've only owned a gun for the first time in the last 3 years. I latched on to H&K by being a fanboy of the old Metal Gear Solid game, and only recently have I reverted to a CZ. I say reverted since my first gun was a CZ P-07. I'm actually looking to go into revo, though I understand the punishment. Only recently have I realized that it's not going to be as costly as I thought. Just me "flexing on the poors!"
  7. I really like how you approached the LEM trigger. I wish people would look at the mag release paddles the same way. I'm moving on to a CZ in production, and I've shot my H&Ks so much I am having trouble pushing the button.
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