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  1. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    Memphis Mechanic I have been considering that seriously and may do it. recovering from an eye surgery so I have to wait a few more weeks. How do you like your Q5, it was the other gun I considered purchasing. the new SF version looks to be a really beast, although I have only seen one in pictures only. thanks
  2. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    DDC I agree, 3 of my phone calls resulted in a supervisor. When I asked if I could speak to anyone above the supervisor at I was told that not company policy. I understood so I asked if they would forward my thoughts on to the next level, each time I was told no, politely mind you but still no. The last time I was actually told sorry its not worth the company's time consider your thoughts because there were too few with this problem (I'm paraphrasing but that's close). I did hear the name of the Professional shooter for SIG and looked him up on Facebook and reached out to him. He was able to steer me in a direction that hopefully works. If you know how to get to the top of the ladder, I'm willing to climb. Thanks
  3. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    WASHOOTERR " Is this a troll post? If the rear notch is a problem for some shooters, Brownells sells files and stones. Widening a sight doesn’t require brain surgery skills. Maybe I am a simpleton but I don’t understand what the problem is here. The X5 is pretty user friendly and very well set up from the factory compared to things you gotta tweak on a Tanfoglio or something similar" Nope not at all is this a troll post. It is intended to be an honest assessment based on my experience only. I agree with you this platform from the factory is user friendly from the factory, one of the reasons I purchased the weapon, especially compared to others. I agree, Brownells does sell those products, I actually have some already. However, based off reps telling me 5 times there was nothing to do and the site manufacture concern of comprising the ingetrigy of the sights I felt it was not a good idea for me to do anything.
  4. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    George16 maybe my original post was unclear, sorry if that was the case. When Sig Reps told me 5 separate times nothing could be done and the site manufacture stated they where concerned it would comprise the integrity of the site I assumed it could not be accomplished by anyone. That was two reputable sources that has developed a solid reputation. As I thought about what I had been told before the purchase of the gun regard sites being replaceable and what I learned after the purchase, I did not and still do not believe the truth was told. We agree that if there is a will there is a way and this post was intended to let new buyers know the truth based off my experience, my way to educate based from my experience. I too hope that I can report back letting all know it worked,, after talking with the gunsmith he is optimistic. I have updated this thread with the knowledge I learned to ensure it is not a drive buy post and to be upfront and honest. Lesson learned here for me was there is far more that a local gunsmith an do vs what a manufacture will do. Armed with that in the future, I will ask different questions that drill down farther.
  5. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    I was able to speak with one of the SIG Team Pro shooters regarding my site challenges. Although SIG customer service reps stated the sites could not be milled and Dawson Precision was uncomfortable changing sigs design, I have learned it can be done, I reached out to a local gun smith who is willing to do the work when he returns from the shot show!
  6. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    TerryDoc, did you read my response that Dawson Precision will not widen the sights? Still looking for a local gun smith that may do it but so far SIG and Dawson will not widen the sites. No,not buyers remorse I love the weapon except the sights, however, I felt I did enough research to knew what the possibilities were. I want to let unexpected buyers know that this platform does not meet the unspoken industry standards that lets me customize my gun to my needs. Interesting point, call any gun manufacture with a competition gun and you can fit that weapon to your needs. You are not forced to accept the manufactures one standard for all shooters. That does not even make sense. JCC7x7, I would love to know what you did, can you share those steps?
  7. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    George 16, not as easy as stated. Dawson Precision will not do it because they fear it will weaken the site integrity. As far as educating myself to changing out the sights it was asked, can I swap out site, yep you can was the answer. However, I was not specific to the rear blade being swapped. Beside, tell me another manufacture that you can not configure the gun the way you want it. I know of no other manufacture that does not allow you to modify their sights to your needs. I point this out to let others know the basic understanding that we have as gun owners does not apply to the 320 and I want other to understand the differences. You are forced to settle with SIGs opinion on what you need as the customer instead of you determining what you want. Buyers be ware and know for sure this weapons preforms what you need, you can not change it!
  8. TWinton

    SIG X Five rear sight

    Hitman_usmc makes good points about selling it, however, I'm working a tight budget for now. The point I am trying to make is SIG determined what sight everyone should use, what happened to choice? I five conversation not once did anyone remotely consider maybe there was a better way to approach this. The sight chosen is a very narrow competition sight, however, due to vision issues (had two surgeries in two months to correct) I can not pick up the front sight through the rear sight. Had I known I could not replaced the rear sight as I can in all other platforms, I would not have purchased the gun. SIG should have educated buyers of this issue ahead of time.
  9. I wanted to share a review for the Sig X Five so you the rest of the story when you purchase weapons. I purchased this gun a year ago for USPSA and 3 Gun and love the gun, except the rear sights! As I understand it the sights were designed by SIG with input from a shooting pro, according to SIG. The sights are manufactured by Dawson Precision, truly a great company for sights. It is not my intention that Dawson is at fault with these sights, they are not. Dawson design according to what SIG contracted for, simple as that. The problem is SIG designed the X Five to use only this rear sight, NO EXCEPTION! If you do not like this site, you’re stuck with it or a Romeo 1 or other RMR's for another $300 plus dollar. Tell me another weapon platform that the shooter cannot configure the sights that works for them, I know of none! All other manufactures knows the American shooter is conditioned to configure the weapon to their needs. The competition market in America is no different, thus why other manufactures design so the “SHOOTER” can configure the sights for their needs! To my knowledge, no other gun marketed as a competition gun is designed with only one sight option. Apparently SIG thinks they know better than you as to your needs. Suck it up butter cup and like what they make for you. If you are considering the SIG X Five take into account you cannot replace the rear sight with another blade. Take care how you spend that hard earned cash. The Walther PPQ Q5 math is slightly less and as good a gun, the new steel frame would be great but $1600 so not comparable in price. Glock 34, a great competition gun that my wife and many friends I shoot with use, yep you can modify those sights. The point is other manufactures know that shooters want to customize the sights according their personal needs. We do not want to be told what site to use and accept it no exception. This is America and we can voice opinions and say NO! Oh, in case you’re thinking I only called once or twice regarding this issue, nope 5 Times, 5! Each time I hear, sorry it does not work but that’s all we will do. Although I have a possible solution that they are not willing to consider. Shooters ensure as you make ready and fire, you’re using the equipment you want not what you are told to use. Please share this with all your friends and on forums, let SIG know that we have a voice and NO is an acceptable answer too!
  10. TWinton

    P320 X5 Thread

    SIG X five buyers beware. NOTE, I love the X Five but the rear iron sight. However, you are stuck with it if you want to shoot iron sights like me. No other competition gun is develop that I can not configure the sights to my needs but the SIG X Five, what a shame. I have tried to discuss this with SIG five separate time, they do not care. Make sure you like that rear blade sight before you purchase it, you can not replace it with others. Had I known this before purchasing, I would not have purchased it.
  11. TWinton

    P320x5 or....

    I bought the SIG and since your looking to use an RMR it will be nice, however, do not try and replace the rear iron sight, you can not. SIG does not allow you to use any other sight but what they have provided. A friends son shoots the Canik and loves it for the price point!
  12. Thanks Sarge, looking forward to researching holster and mag pouch web sites, I was able to watch a local 3 gun shoot Sunday and I can not wait. to try. Now comes the research into setting up a belt system and holster/magazine pouch options. I am hoping to get inot a belt system for only a couple hundred dollars but that may be impossible. vr tw
  13. Hello, I am looking forward to back in competitive shooting, its been 25 years and many changes have happened. We will be shooting at Nebraska's range Eastern Nebraska's Gun Club, an awesome range set up well for this and many shoots. I am excited to compete in 3-Gun, Steel matches and other pistol matches as well. My wife is going to shoot some with me as well and I'm looking forward to her out shooting me. I shot law enforcement combat style shoots 25 years ago using a S&W 586. Todays 3 Gun and pistol competitions will be challenging but fun and I can't wait to get started, making friends, and having some fun I will be using a S&W MP Pro chambered for 9mm, Mossberg 930JM, and a Bushmaster AR. Still looking for optics for the Bushmaster and holster and magazine pouches so I have some research left yet to do. vr tw
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