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  1. @Hi-Power Jack , thanks for the feedback. I think you may be on to something there. FOPA does cover a lot, and if you do not get pulled over, than the majority of the time you are safe with the process you described, and that it could have a lot more to do with the magazine restriction. Also, I do not recall having said, and did not see where I had written the quote below, that you credit me saying. Did you miss assign that credit? It looks like your response to my question. Well, I'll keep doing some research, but appreciate all the feedback people have been giving. Thank you. -0.02
  2. Thanks for all the input. It's been crazy confusing to try and figure out how to attend a match in another state and do it legally. There seems to be a lot of individual state rules on various aspects of ownership, what defines possession, components that can be on firearms, and the rules on the magazine. Compounding that is the legal transportation of those firearms and ammunition by vehicle/plane legally, to get to the destination state. I feel I may have opened up a can of worms, which is all the more reason why I figured there would be more clarity on this subject somewhere. I can't be the only person who has travelled to a match in a different state. How are you figuring out what to do to stay compliant? Is everyone repeating the same arduous task trying to understand legal language and hiring a lawyer for its interpretation? Do I need to become a lawyer as well as a gun owner? I'm not sure if I would want to trust my own reading of a law. I bring up some questions below, but what am I missing or misunderstanding from my own reading? If I'm not aware of it, than how can I challenge it? What sources are trustworthy? My initial plan was to have a list of several favourable states and then chose a destination. But perhaps it would be better to make our travel decisions first and if attending a match is available, then to add it to our itinerary. @L3324temp, thanks for all the information. It was very helpful. Seems as though there are some apps that try to compile this. But you bring up a great point that laws are always changing. I am surprised that each state is not required to provide this information to a central .gov site to facilitate compliance. They could provide a lamen's explanation with how to interpret the law and place the legal language underneath. Sure, I would rather not have the need for this, but given the situation, I would chose this over becoming an unsuspecting felon. As you pointed out, the challenge for us owners, is who to trust and reading of laws are not always easy to interpret and apply to situations accurately with our individual knowledge. For instance, i am not a lawyer nor do I plan to allocate that much time and resource into becoming as proficient and therefore would not trust my reading of the law to keep me legal. @davsco, good point. What I am finding is that there are restrictions on the 'purchase' of magazines greater than 10, but not always the ownership. @mwray, good thought. I was wondering the same thing. I was looking at the common replacements for CZ Shadow 2 mags and people seem to favor Mec-Gar CZ75 10 round mags that are compatible. The MegGar mags seem to have an inward facing dimple/punch on the side of the mag that looks like it would prevent the follower from passing. Does anyone own one of these mags and can they confirm what makes them "10 round mags?" @Hi-Power Jack. Thanks for the tip on New York and match director. It does seem as if the current best option as of now is to do it piecemeal and ask, which provides timely and relevant information about a state's individual considerations. I see you are in FL, do you travel to NY often? What has been your experience traveling with firearms and compliance? @jrdoran, thanks for the link. What was interesting about your text is the part about - "or can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition." Is there any clarity on what they determine to be a permanent modification? Would the Mec-Gar 10 round CZ75 magazine be legal in CT? Thanks again for all the feedback. -0.02
  3. Thanks for the response @ChuckS Hi @davsco , don't know, we haven't made plans yet, but are trying to decide where we should go. Just figured i couldn't be the first traveling person to want to know, and wondered if someone had written their findings somewhere. Just saw that posts can't be edited on this forum after two days, so maybe that's why this info isn't available. Does anyone know of a website elsewhere that may give more information about this or where one would go to find out? I may just need to add this info as i learn about it to my own blog. just figured a big forum like this one would have the info or know where to get it. Thanks again, - 0.02
  4. @Forensics Doc , my guess is that the people who are tasked with responding to those inquiries have poor English skills. @Sarge, may be right that the answers are automated picking up on keywords.
  5. Q: Do I need to purchase a new set of 10 round magazines to participate in a match in a restricted state (10 rounds)? I am traveling from a state that does not have any restrictions and currently have 17 round mags. *I did a search for keywords: magazine restrictions, state restrictions, traveling matches and did not find the answer. Thanks in advance. Seems obvious that the answer is yes, that I do need to purchase additional magazines with capacity limit of 10 rounds. Hoping I am wrong and for your input. Clarifying criteria for question: I currently shoot production and enjoy loading 11 in 1st mag, to satisfy the 10 round start. I also prefer not to purchase additional mags if possible, but understand I may need to. It is just nice to have the larger capacity. -0.02
  6. MODS....please delete all of my posts made in "Introduce Yourself" including the one above. It was meant to be a post that could be updated as I learned more, but was made aware that posts lock after 2 days. Thanks.
  7. MODS....please delete all of my posts made in "Introduce Yourself" including the one above. It was meant to be a post that could be updated as I learned more, but was made aware that posts lock after 2 days. Thanks.
  8. Appreciate the feedback. And thanks also for the tip on the screws. Is that still an issue with loctite?
  9. Is Cajun Gun Works, the only player in the market when it comes to drop in kits for shortening length of pull in CZ S2's? If not, what other options are there for people who struggle with even getting their fingers around the DA trigger? If CGW is the only option, just seems like a missed opportunity as its an easy way for a gun company to expand its market by making them more usable by more people, if they shorted that pre-travel....which everyone seems to be doing anyways. I'm sure they could figure out a way to still shorten it while offering a LOP kit to sell. -0.02
  10. Just read that content in posts are un-editedable after 2 days, so plans to update this post won't work. So I'll keep it simple. Current plans for Production Division using a CZ S2. Living in Vermont but plan to travel around and go to various matches. Have just a few match experience with G34. Looking forward to shooting this new one. Basic plans include: - reading up on rules relating to the new S2. - breaking down the S2 and learning the internal mechanics. - shooting the new S2 a lot and getting used to the DA starts. - figuring out what is needed to bring a pistol across state lines, to compete in matches during travel. - meeting other shooters and learning as much as I can from them. (includes searching for forum posts applicable to S2 used in production division) - * figuring out if the light blue aluminum grips need to be swapped for black ones...lol. Looking forward to the experience
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