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  1. Anyone have experience with a solid 1-8x scope? Looking for recommendations for one that has a mil-style reticle. Want to stay under $600-$800 would be better and used is fine. Hope to keep it lightweight as its going on an AR10 battle rifle. When research online, I found these very helpful resource: https://www.outdoorsbest.com/best-1-8x-scope/ but don't know how about a specific product...something like Trijicon, Vortex or Burris. Thoughts?
  2. It's depends upon what you plan to do with the combination. What's your budget? If all you're trying to do is hit pie plates at 25yds then its likely many will satisfy your need. Personally, I have a Vortex Razor on mine but quite a few won't invest that kind of money. Here is great article on red dot sights you can check out.
  3. Our property is high enough to have a broad view to the northwest and over the past 20 years we have fired at least one fire every season. We have a good pair of 10x50 Leopold binoculars, but sometimes the DNR would like to have a little more information than I can provide with what I have. Looking for the best value in a $200 to 300 spotting scope for long distance shooting. I hope to be able to tell you whether I see the flames, and what kind of fuel the fire is in, whether it is living or working. I do not need much details just looking closer than I can get it with binoculars. thanks for your help.
  4. I have a 649 .357 with a 2 1/8" barrel and I am trying to find a good leather OWB holster. Everything I find is either Kydex or if its leather, it's IWB. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where I can find one? Thanks
  5. Do any of you wear shooting glasses(full protection eyewear) over your regular eye glasses? If so, what brand works well for you? Do you wear clear, amber or does it depend on the day?
  6. There have a lots of options for loading 9mm carbine. It's one of the easiest rounds to load for. But my preference is Power Pistol. You should be able to load it around .12c per. I've loaded it 1,000's of rounds using PP. It is not smokey like some other pistol powders, i.e. TiteGroup.
  7. I have a Redfield 3-9 x 40 Accu on my 22lr rifle, Its a leupold without lifetime guarantee and the glass is absolutely top notch for the money. works well and makes a tidy little rig.
  8. What distances will you be shooting at? I have a 3.5-10x40 leupold vari on my cz .22lr. I think it was plenty of scope to reach out to 100 yards. I now have a 6.5-20x40 leupold and while nice, it makes shooting closer ranges much harder. The 3.5-10 is definitely a good magnification range.
  9. I went all out and bought myself a pair of MSA Sordin with the gel earcups. Pricey, but for me, I really like them. Bought mine from SRS Tactical. I shot them with expensive stocks and haven't scratched or nicked any of my stocks with this headset.


    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum...been prepping a little over a year. Hoping to pick up some good info from you experts!
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