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  1. I appreciate it guys. Welding and brazing is no problem as I do it for a living. Was thinking of taking machining classes for this very reason. I got a gunsmith willing to teach me. Thanks for the info
  2. So where does one go for certification in gunsmithing? Already have a guy teaching me a few things but won't be "certified". Just curious.
  3. Factory and reloads. It pulls it out about half way then slips off brass. I'll have my chamber polished. Thanks for the info
  4. I have a Citadel 1911 that will not extract a brass case. It will pull aluminum or no problem. Changed extractors. Wilson bulletproof, Aftec and Nowlin. Same results. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Recently began having trouble with my mags not dropping out of my 1911. I've been running Tripp research and Wilson ETM mags. Wouldn't be an issue if I didn't use then for USPSA. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
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