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  1. My daughter decided to come early so I have been happily distracted. Might be a bit before I hit the range.
  2. Yeah another person I trust told me to put stock spring back in and continue break in. Might head back to the range today or tomorrow.
  3. With the stock it adds failure to eject/feed as indicated in my post.
  4. Ok, so after 300 rounds this morning (or $60) I am still having the same issues. Unless the break in process requires full power loads for 300 or so rounds.
  5. So just to be clear: recoil spring has 0 to do with it. It is breaking in other parts of the pistol? So I put another 300-500 through it I can swap back to the stock recoil spring and it will handle the lighter loads?
  6. The SIG forum above has threads on this including my current one. I am using an 11lb one now and tried a 13lb as well.
  7. Fair enough. My experience only covers glock, CZ, walther, and sig 1911 (9mm). Gotcha.
  8. Ok but to have to “break in” a gun irritates me. None of the others needed that.
  9. Yes, sorry forgot to mention that. Total rounds through the pistol is 100-120 total so far. (Roughly 20 on stock spring, 30 on 13lb, 50-70 on 11lb). Really? Stock spring gives me problems every round. Going through 250 "single shot" would be highly annoying.
  10. Hey there, So I picked up an X5 in anticipation of moving to it. I tried out my standard ammo (Freedom 147gr RN) on it. With the recoil spring it comes with I got failure to feed and eject. I went to a 13lb one and got the failure to go into battery. I went down to an 11lb one and am still getting failures to go into battery unless I grip the shit out of it and maintain it at all times. A lessening in any way and it does not go into battery after the first round (1/2" short or so). Ammo: Freedom 147gr RN New. This comes in at 130-132PF on a Glock 34.3 and a 128-130PF on a Shadow 2 (125.2 in the cold). I brought these pistols with me along with a Q5 and all had no issues with the ammo (G34 has an 11lb spring, S2 has lower one from CZC as well, Q5 is stock). Pistol mods: Only mods are tungsten guide rob and the spring changes. The X5 is stock otherwise. Any help/advice here would be appreciated minus the "just always grip the shit out of it". While I agree having it not go into battery if I slack at all means it is not a good comp gun for me.
  11. I used the +3/4s on a G34. Made weight just fine at Mid-Atlantic when we only had 2oz to play with (Had a SS guide rod too). I used the normal G17/34 springs too and did not have a single hiccup. My 2 cents.
  12. Oops, apologies. Getting threads mixed up.
  13. Those accelerator cuts were never legal for Production.
  14. Those are even cheaper and not what he is talking about I think. Ammo is the cost that really adds up over time. Match fees (and associated travel stuff [gas, wear/tear on vehicle, hotel, etc]) probably come in second I would think.
  15. I understand their explanation for the changes. I am still thinking about it but right now I am not in agreement though. Why not just make Production 'Limited Minor' and make Limited 'Limited Major'. Get rid of Prod and L10. I am not a GM or high level shooter though so I doubt my opinion matters.
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