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  1. Thank you. You saved me much time and money. I guess Alpha X is going to be what I have to run.
  2. Have you tried your Bul Armory open gun in the 015 holster yet? If so thoughts?
  3. Has any one tried a Bul SAS 2 UR in the 015 holster? Im looking at picking up a SAS 2 and would love if it would fit.
  4. Did you have to run a riser with it? If so which one did you get. I have a VR80 that I'm wanting to put the same dot on.
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. I decided and have been running the Alpha X race masters from DAA. I love the new design and they are pretty solid.
  6. As far as the holster go I'm running a Blade Tec with the BOSS hanger. It's a very solid mount. I don't have any knowledge of the IDPA rules. I do love my DAA belt. super stiff.
  7. Thanks, your opinion seems to be the Norm when it come to the CR Speed. I think I am going to follow suit. Thanks again.
  8. Do you run bullets out? Just wondering if you like it better.
  9. Thanks for your educated input. I came to this forum hoping to get advice on upgrading my equipment.
  10. I'm completely aware of how to stop the screw backing out problem. I also don't like the wide base. I don't like how there only supported at 3 points making them wobbly The screws was just one of the things I don't like about them. But rather then waste every ones time with multiple reasons that I don't like something I decided to get advise and opinions on the three mag pouches I listed earlier. But thanks for offering up a solution.
  11. Have either of yall had experience with CR Speed?
  12. Hi All, This Is my first post so please forgive me if I don't follow the forum etiquette correctly. I've been Shooting Production for about a year (14 Matches). I have been using Black Scorpion mag pouches. They worked fine but have to many screws that like to back out. I was running a Black scorpion belt but have upgraded to the very stiff DAA belt (and love it).Im now in the market for new pouches. My question is which pouches do yall recommend for Production division shooting a Glock 34? I have done some research and have narrowed it down to CR Speed, DAA Racer, and just started looking in to Ghost. I've read a few threads on here about pouches but most are focused on limited or open. The CR Speed's have the cut out for finger indexing but I see a lot of people using the Racers also. Is this something that is crucial? I'm not looking to go bullets out. Thanks in advance for Any and All advice.
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