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Found 20 results

  1. Mag well report. 04/11/22 by AP All initial testing done with PD parts and Tanfoglio Stock Master in 9mm from PD. Zero internal extra parts all stock internals. Some testing is from personal hand fitment. Phenomenal machine work. IFG frames fit flawless zero blending Eric Xtreme grips need fitting to work with it (had to cut and fit mine ) Been slamming reloads like hell with it. Magwell "auto corrects" better than Toni System. A small hands version without relief cuts for better Traction (maybe diamonds cut) would be a nice option. I have zero play or wiggle. Screw stays tight without loctite. The lines and anesthetics match and flow with the 2021 Stock Master frames perfect. Rating from lots of Dry Fire with PD pads since aquired DF. 10/10 looks 10/10 function 10/10 fit to frame 8/10 personal hand fit and other non pd grips MAY need fitting 10/10 transitions and smoothness 9/10 auto correct. Very few hangups with PD well. 20/10 for speed increase 9/10 for material hardness and marklessness. 10/10 for several base pad fitments. Fit all, Taylor Freelance, Patriot Defense, Henning Gen1/2, Shock Bottle, etc. In summary; The Patriot Defense Magwell for Tanfoglio Large frames is the go to top editor rated pick for a magwell. I have tried EVERY magwell on the market to include Toni System, EGW, Tanfoglio Unica, Tanfoglio extreme and Tanfoglio Gold Team Eric. This Patriot Defense magwell tops them all in Function, fitment, and anesthetics. Second pick would be Toni System. I highly recommend for Divisions in USPSA/IPSC/3G. Open and Limited etc.
  2. Hi All, This Is my first post so please forgive me if I don't follow the forum etiquette correctly. I've been Shooting Production for about a year (14 Matches). I have been using Black Scorpion mag pouches. They worked fine but have to many screws that like to back out. I was running a Black scorpion belt but have upgraded to the very stiff DAA belt (and love it).Im now in the market for new pouches. My question is which pouches do yall recommend for Production division shooting a Glock 34? I have done some research and have narrowed it down to CR Speed, DAA Racer, and just started looking in to Ghost. I've read a few threads on here about pouches but most are focused on limited or open. The CR Speed's have the cut out for finger indexing but I see a lot of people using the Racers also. Is this something that is crucial? I'm not looking to go bullets out. Thanks in advance for Any and All advice.
  3. Hello I just bought a new hunting rifle chambered in 300 win mag. The only problem I am having is when I go to close the bolt fully with a round in the chamber it is tight like very tight. But after I get the bolt to close and the round is seated in the bolt face on the extractor I pull the bolt back a inch or so and when I push it in again after it is seated it goes right in not sure if it is an extractor problem or chamber
  4. I have a Tanfoglio Limited Custom .40S&W with an IPSC box conform setup. I use K40 magazines with Grams spring/follower and Xtreme Base Pads. This setup holds 18 rounds. I didn't cut off any coils and the springs are new. Unfortunately, I ran into an issue that prevents the mag from a free drop. After firing a round the top round in the magazine travel forward and stuck on the ramp. See also picture below. I already polished the underside of the slide and broke the edge on the front which catches the round in the magazine. I have no clue what causes this issue.
  5. Hi there guys, the the title says most of it, I'm relatively new to USPSA and having shot limited thus far am likely switching over to production. I have been looking for solutions to consolidate space for mag carriers, but I am unclear on the legality of the Comp-tac Beltfeed mag carrier system, which looks like a good use of space. I have read the USPSA rules, and I dont have the relevant measurements on the mag carrier system to verify legality. I have had a CRO essentially say it could be legal, but she was unable to provide a definite answer. I was curious if anyone out there is using it, and could confirm it was in fact legal.
  6. SV tube. TTI guts and 3g basepad bought as a "ready to go" magazine. Two of them I have that I bought new do not fit the gauge. Rather than pay the 15% restocking fee ($39) and shipping ($10) to return them I want to make them work. I find tons of posts about tuning feed lips and springs and followers but not much about getting them to gauge beyond 1. filing down the base pad or 2. filing down the feed lips. These are already small basepads and it looks like the lips were worked on when the built the mag, as to me there isn't a ton of "extra" material there for filing down. So what else would you do to get mags to fit the gauge?
  7. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  8. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  9. Good price for sig mpx 20rnd mags http://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_149477888910746&key=b7ae79680df99d8068666101b1857d9a&libId=j2oug4gu01015pxz000MA1qb3lu4xrax4y&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fsigtalk.com%2F%23%2Ftopics%2F173394%3Fpage%3D1&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Fpalmettostatearmory.com%2Fsig-sauer-magazine-mpx-9mm-20rdcapacity-keymod-mag-mpx-9-20-km.html&title=SIG Talk&txt=Sig Sauer Magazine MPX 9mm 20rd Magazine - MAG-MPX-9-20-KM<%2Fspan>
  10. I've been doing some dry fire with my PCC lately. While practicing reloads I've noticed my mags are starting to or are chewed up on the over travel stop ledge. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and if they have a solution? The edges of the over travel stop in the lower seem kind of sharp, so I may stone them to round it out a little. Any ideas welcome.
  11. I have a 2011 edge chambered in .40 and have a trigger issue. The trigger will some times be very difficult to pull while a mag is in. I have tried a few different mags with the same result. With the mag well empty it is a very pleasant 2.5lb crisp trigger. I am tempted to buy one of those trigger bow stirrup die to check the bow but thought I would see if anyone has ever had this experience first. When I look into the mag well I can't see anything obvious. Also the mags drop free as is they are not hanging up on the bow.
  12. Hey guys, I keep accidentally hitting the mag release on my Gen4 Glock 35 and dropping mags. Doesn't happen during live/dry fire, but it keeps happening when I'm running around a match I'm guessing my support hand either moves up/forward or I squeeze too hard being all amped up, and I end up releasing the mag -- only reason I don't end up scattering mags across the range like a horse dropping poop all over the place is because I'm gripping the gun firm enough that the mag won't drop Glock is 100% OEM/stock, except for sights and a powder puff recoil spring Have any of you had personal experiences with this problem and, even better, fixing it? Potential fixes I've thought about: 1) Move support hand lower or backward -- I don't like this, as I like to Vogel-power-clench my Glock as high/forward as possible to help control recoil better 2) Change/modify mag release -- my short thumb already has a hard time reaching for the mag release when I DO want to spit that mag out; also, I'm concerned doing so will kick me outta USPSA Production Would appreciate any thoughts/comments. Thanks!
  13. What mag pouches that are Production and IDPA legal, do you guys think are the best?
  14. OK my 38 super mags are about 15 years old and have had thousands of rounds through them. Where the rim hits the mag lips have really become indented and rounds are hard to push out of the mag and some get locked down in the tube, The death rattle. I have tried new springs and followers and tried to tune them and cracked 3 in the process, they have never been tuned. But my question, are they worth tuning or can they be tuned or should I buy new ones and have them tuned. Just not sure if they can be tuned, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. Is there any source for mag springs for the SR9c? Everywhere I look only entire mag assemblies are offered.
  16. I cannot seem to find any replacement springs for the mags of my ruger SR9 compact. Does anyone know of a source? I hate to spend the money for complete new mags.
  17. Hey all, So I have been shooting my new eagle for a few months now, and have been shooting a self tuned 140 mag made with STI tube, Grams guts, steel spacer and Dawson aluminum basepad. I use this magazine specifically as my first mag because it holds more than the rest, so it frequently gets dropped. I just recently noticed that the steal spacer is apparently hammering into the aluminum base pad with every reload. There is now a very obvious mark on the inside and out side of the base pad, and it appears a crack is starting to form on the outside of it. Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Is there any solution? I did notice there is a little play of the spacer when the magazine is empty (up and down). Should I be worried of this destroying my basepad? Do I need to switch back to the factory plastic spacer? Is there any real difference between he steel and plastic ones. Maybe some way to keep the spacer affixed semi-permanently to the mag tube to keep it from hitting the base pad? -Eli
  18. Hey all, I have been looking and searching and cant find much of anyone that really calls out which version of this mag release they use. I have a new STI eagle I plan to use for three gun and as a back up limited gun. I'm having some over insertion issues with the stock mag release so I'm going to order one of Dawson's Posi-lock ones. I have smaller sized hands and do have to shift my hand to reach the stock mag release. What do most people use out there. I have read some people that got the extended one and felt it was too long and found their mags dropping all the time. I would think if you chose to put a mag button on the end it would only stick out further and get in the way more. My though as of right now is to get the drilled and tapped one that is IDPA length, try it as is, and if I decide I want it a little longer still get a button to put on it. What do you all think? Which buttons do you all prefer if you do like using a button? Stock length .......... 0.165" IDPA length ........... 0.190" Extended length .... 0.265" With button ........... ????? Thanks, Eli
  19. I got 3 New arredondo mag extensions today, installed fine but i can only comfortably fit 19 in. 20 rounds in bending the glock mag loader and i feel like im breaking something. Is this normal? after the springs sit loaded for a while does it get easier to load like glock mags?
  20. Does anyone happen to have a Template (makeshift or exact) for witness hole placement in an STI 9/38 140mm mag?
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