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  1. Thanks for the responses so far. It would appear that modis where made to 2 of the three open guns I currently own. The way I am understanding some of the comments on my threads and a couple others if I buy a STI DVC open with a c-more Mount for example and no mods to the mount have been made I could then buy a Microdot mount for a DVC open and easily interchange it?
  2. I fly to a lot of matches and space is a premium. Does anyone know of a could takedown squib rod.
  3. I have three 2011 open guns that I have converted the mounts to micro dots. It has been a challenge to find mounts that are the same screw pattern for mounting to the frame and also have had height and width clearance for the slide. I like buying used guns to experiment with but a hesitant in buying anything else that doesn’t already have a micro dot mount. Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.
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