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  1. Few match dates for you... MAY 15-19 - USSL Grand Championships & UML Championships at Pro Gun Club in Vegas SEPT 7-8 - 2019 Colfax 3-Gun Season Finale in Colfax WI SEPT 14-15 - 2019 WI 3-Gun Championships in Muskego, WI OCT 3-6 - 2019 Surefire UML World Multi-gun Championships in Vegas
  2. I believe the key part of the rule you reference that makes the answer a "no" is the very first few words: - Any rifle supporting devices to include but not limited to bipods and/or monopods or a device that deploy legs and or supports and elevates the muzzle end of the gun are prohibited. Forward grips less than five inches long are acceptable.
  3. AFH, I was sure I responded to this but was sifting through posts for one and saw the topic I'd started and decided I'd check the replies. Very sorry for the ball drop but thank you very much for the advice! My plan this year is to go to a 2-day event; first day is a regular 5-6 stage match (all we can handle atm) and I will then also use the finishes in day 1 to dictate placement on the board for day 2 shoot-off. I am going to run registration with required payment this year. We're caught in the middle of uncertain range development so I don't want to start registration too early so I have a few months until frost comes off and we can brake ground to wrap up the berm work. Any other ideas folks have is much appreciated. Next battle is of course to find the vendors willing to support us again this year. Support has been phenominal the past 2 season but it takes a lot of calls, emails and conversation.
  4. This is my second season running a shoot-off style event where we run a double elimination blind draw bracket. The biggest problem I have is with the match no-shows throwing us off and it has left me with a few questions. Do you create a bracket before the day of the match? If so, do you do anything to mitigate issues from no-shows? If you create the bracket the day of the match, do you have any special strategy for laying one out quickly? Any other best practices for how you run your brackets during the match? I am looking for suggestions specific to the actual bracket. I plan to start requiring pre-payment to help with this issue. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks for all the ideas folks! I'll look into a mirror. Early in the year there was binding in the linkage. I was able to catch most of the bad loads from that because I do have a good bright light (specifically the Hornady branded one). I had it apart and cleaned it while I was resolving the linkage problem. I do have the powder baffle installed.
  6. I've been having trouble with the ammo coming out of my Hornady LNL this summer where every couple hundred rounds (maybe less) I get a dud with no powder. After it happened yesterday someone came over to me and said their LNL powder drop is sticking on the first few rounds so each time they start loading they have to either check or dump the first few. Has anyone else experienced this and, outside of the obvious powder check die, found a solution? My few quick searches on this on here and general internet didn't find a hit on this situation.
  7. Good to know, I'll take a look! thanks!!
  8. That is the exact gun I've bought and am impatiently waiting for it to arrive! Good to know about the load and the setup, thank you! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of trigger does she have in it?
  9. Cool, thanks again for the ideas everyone! It's really interesting that no one is using the same powder!
  10. Thanks! These are all typically just on the weekends I'm not fishing so I definitely have enough to keep me busy
  11. Thanks guys. I am afraid I will end up like s2000red... been coming here for years and find plenty to read but never felt like I had anything to contribute on what I was reading.
  12. Thank you! I'm sure someone told me something along those lines 20+ years ago but with the long break away from the sport (roughly 18 years) it is nice to have it spelled on in such a concise manor to remind me!
  13. Well, I don't like to go to the extreme so I guess I wouldn't say 0 posts. We're getting way off topic but to me, a 50 post requirement says you only want your most active members to have access to classifieds. However, to then also have an active "this is where I'm at for funding this site" ticker running at the top with messaging telling us there aren't enough funds to support the effort tells me maybe you might want more people selling things on here that would help contribute to that pot. Just my 2 cents... I like this site and there are a lot of good and helpful people on here but when I realized I couldn't even think about posting an item for sale because the past 2 years of reading everyone else's discussions and buying from other members meant I wasn't an active enough member to turn around and sell something it rubbed me the wrong way. Especially when as soon as I try to participate I get called out for posting on a subject that's been discussed.
  14. Thanks! As you said, it's a bit restrictive to keep the movement only lateral but there aren't a lot of other options w/o greatly slowing down the match.
  15. Ha! I shoot minor for 3-gun and Steel Challenge and bump it up to major for USPSA. And I have really been sucking it up trying to shoot open sights and a striker fired gun all for the first time. I'm really hoping moving back to the 1911 style platform helps quite a bit. I don't really want to jump in to the Unlimited/Open group in 3-gun!
  16. Right, hitting the targets does help You see mr Hombre, that is where I find it ridiculous to have a 50 post minimum before I can post on the classifieds. There's tons of posts on every friggen topic I can think of. I can read all I want... but apparently I need to make up posts to be considered an active member... so, I've started asking questions on things I'm thinking about so they'll consider me active. I don't know what else to do!
  17. Cool, thanks guys! I do have a little W231 laying around but I'm thinking of looking at some of the "newer" powders. It's only been 20 years since I looked at powders ;-)
  18. Just getting 3-gun going at my club. We basically have a rifle range 100 yards wide, 200 yards deep with a narrow cut back to 300 on the left and a berm along the right side and short berms mixed in that space at 25, 50, 75, 100 & 150. I attached an overhead view from Google Earth in case it helps to get a visual. Wondering if anyone tries to run multiple stages on a range like this that could offer advice on how to make best use of the space. So far I'm keeping my stages mostly horizontal and setting 2 at a time and swapping out for 2 more afternoon stages.
  19. I'm switching back to a 1911 style gun AND I was using up some old Bullseye powder so I'm going to work up a new load for the new gun. Just wondering what folks run for a good minor load with their 40 using 180 grn bullets. Any advice on spring weight with your favorite load? Thanks!
  20. Thanks! I have a XDM in .40 that I'm trying to sell to switch back to the 1911/2011 format; just in the process of buying someone's Para Pro Custom 16.40 off the Classifieds as of yesterday so we'll see how that goes. Pistol used to be my strong suit but has not going well with the striker fired gun Back when I competed seriously my open gun was a 1911 45 acp built out of Norinco. The 38 Super was becoming all the rage but before I could invest in something different I tore up the tendons in my arms and basically walked away from shooting. My 3-gun setup was all done on the cheap to see how serious I wanted to get before spending a lot of money so I'm running an 1100 shotgun, the XDM for the moment & an AR-15 that I traded a guy for my old competition revolver that is built on an Anderson Lower and has a mixed bag of parts. Shoots well enough though. When I want to feel like I can still shoot pretty quick I like to pull out the 22/45 for steel challenge :-)
  21. I don't try to get real serious about any one shooting sport these days but I quickly realized last weekend, as I'm slowly easing back in to the more tactical shooting sports, I don't have a good method for breaking down a stage. This came up last weekend at a 3-gun event. I have to say for those of you out there that willingly share advice at the match, I was extremely grateful for the shooter last weekend that heard me apparently say to myself out-loud, "I have no idea where to go here", and proceeded to explain their strategy for the stage. Any tips on what to do with stages that seem to have endless ways to approach them? This comes up most frequently in 3-gun and USPSA for me.
  22. What he said! I came back to shooting sports after a long hiatus and now just do whatever comes up and have fun instead of being frustrated for not having my "A game". To each their own!
  23. Just getting my feet wet with posts since there appears to be a restriction on posting to the Classifieds forum w/o having posted a bunch everywhere else. I shoot steel challenge, bowling pins, uspsa, 3-gun, ruger-rimfire and bullseye matches in the area whenever I can. I just worked the 3-gun midwest regional in Forest Lake, MN last weekend and will be hosting 3-gun matches locally this year as well but love all action shooting sports.
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